By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “How the EU really thinks”
  1. To be fair, most nations don’t have as nearly an elaborate set of rituals around their national flag as the US does.

      1. That’s a tradition held by almost all the commonwealth nations. Canada and Australia also have a lot of flag handling protocol. Most people don’t know how the Canadian flag is supposed to be folded. It’s a rectangle with the Maple Leaf in the center. The British flag tradition has filtered down into the behavior of most of its former colonies.

  2. I’ve seen better; I’ve also seen worse.

    What really disappoints me, I suppose, is the Brits didn’t have someone there to receive it.

    1. The European Union probably wouldn’t have allowed it… Farage and Johnson probably would have loved to have a full troop of Household Cavalry there to give it the full pomp and circumstance.

    1. That’s completely wrong. The British have essentially the same traditions and rituals for their national flags as Americans, indeed, they have several rituals we lack (e.g., breaking the flag).

      Watch the annual trooping of the colour ceremony some time.

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