If you haven’t heard, North Carolina repealed the state handgun license to purchas requirement.

In North Carolina, it was the law until a few days ago, that a law abiding citizen could buy a rifle or shotgun at a store without issue,  but had to obtain a permit to purchase a handgun from the local Sheriff to buy a handgun.

A North Carolina concealed carry permit was also valid as a pistol purchase permit.  That also went through the local Sheriff.

It was a pain in the ass.

The Republican state legislature passed the bill to repeal the pistol purchase permit requirements over the governor’s veto.

Fuck that guy.

The media asked a gun store owner about this and the gun store owner decided he didn’t want to be in business anymore.

‘I’m not a huge fan of it,’ WNC gun store owner reacts to end of pistol permit requirement

Stucker said, in North Carolina, a person had to be a resident and purchase a permit from the local sheriff’s office to buy a handgun. Now, that has been abolished.

But there will still be a federal background check, like there is for long guns.

“I’m not a huge fan of it, personally,” Stucker said of the move. “As a gun store owner, it puts a little bit more liability on us.”

He said that with the permits going through the sheriff’s office, they handled a lot of the liability.

Having to rely on the FBI’s system isn’t a great scenario for Stucker.

“It’s just their generic check that they use in all 50 states. The sheriff’s department or state-regulated background checks can be a little more specific. They can go into mental health, domestic violence,” Stucker said.

The sheriff’s office background checks can show things that may not show up on some of the generic legal records, Stucker said.

Another thing that Stucker said many people don’t realize is the repercussions that will come for those who are trying to buy handguns.

So they will have to act like nearly every other gun dealer in the country?

Oh how tragic.

Stucker said the FBI system is inherently slow, and that’s just using it for long guns. So, adding handguns into that system will slow people’s ability to purchase guns.

“I doubt most of the time we’re going to have instantaneous background check approvals, so you’re going to see a delay of a couple days just because the system is so overridden,” Stucker said.

The NCIS system is pretty reliable most of the time.  Some people will have delays, but the revocation of the permit to purchase won’t change that.  In North Carolina, even with a pistol purchase permit, buyers still had to go through a 4473 and NICS check.

Stucker said he has had instances where he didn’t feel comfortable selling a person a gun.

In the past, he has called the sheriff’s office when someone seemed not right mentally or maybe had ill intent.

On Target had the sheriff’s office investigate the would-be gun buyer a little more, but that’s not an option now.

“So, now I just have to come up with a reason to turn a customer away,” Stucker said.

I’ve seen a gun store rejected a customer before.  Gun stores have an obligation to obey both the letter and spirit of the law to keep gun out of the hands of prohibited people.

I actually watched a gun store call the police on two guys that came in stinking of Marijuana smoke.

This gun dealer can’t muster up the courage to do that without relying on the Sheriff?

So what we learned here is that this is a gun store that is run by lazy people, who don’t care about gun rights and don’t understand the system that they use, and is willing to share their opinions with the anti-gun media.

That was a choice.

I hope they have a loyal clientele, because I’d never shop there after reading this.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “How to kill your business in one easy step”
  1. “As a gun store owner, it puts a little bit more liability on us.”
    Well, these days, he may not be totally wrong.
    Expect every anti-gun individual in NC to start launching lawfare attacks against NC shops as soon as license free sales starts being the norm.

  2. I haven’t done alot of NICS checks but the ones I did took less than 3 minutes…. Another “gun store owner “ who is full of shiite. Always makes me wonder when media “interviews “ someone who should be on our side because of their livelihood and they aren’t…. Can we say staged..
    so nc is almost #26 on permit less carry…

  3. “Stucker said the FBI system is inherently slow,… ”

    No, no, man. It can’t be. It’s “instant”. That’s right in the name. 8>)

    Try buying a handgun in the Granite State. It has to go through the NH SP “Gun Line” first.

    My best time was 20 minutes, my worst time was 1:40. Sigh.

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