The failure of the Uvalde Police Department to go in and stop an active school shooter, much like the failure of the Broward County Sheriff to do the same in Parkland in 2018 has, is a watershed political moment.

I think the difference between the cowardly catastrophe of the BSO in Parkland and the bumble-fucking ineptitude of the Uvalde Police is what happened during COVID.

It’s no secret what the Left thinks of police.  They have been saying it for years, and ratcheting it up since Michael Brown and George Floyd.

The Right, for the most part has defended the police.  Often pointing to the Ferguson Effect and crime waves in Blue cities (e.g., San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City) and how reducing the number of police and law enforcement results in increased crime.

Then came the COVID lockdowns, the George Floyd riots, and then Uvalde.

In the period of two years we watched as police department after police department brought out SWAT teams to enforce lockdowns and  COVID restrictions.

Who on the Right doesn’t remember watching MEAL Team 6 from the Ector County Sheriff roll a fucking MRAP against Big Daddy Zane’s Bar in Odessa, Texas for not shutting down during the lockdowns.

Two years later when an active shooter is killing children in an elementary school, another rural Texas police department stands around in plate carriers with their dicks in their hands.

As it turns out, the cops are all big and bad, happy to roll out a armored personnel carrier against guys drinking beers during the Coof but won’t muster the same intestinal fortitude to save the lives if children from a madman.

Then, in the days that followed, we find out that those same offices were all big and bad… when it came to stopping parents from going into the school to rescue their children themselves while the cops stood around.

The Right has, in the past, defended arming the police and providing tactical training, using the war on drugs or the war on terrorism as justification.

What we have discovered is that we have created police departments that are happy to bring every weapon and tool at their disposal with alacrity to threaten law abiding citizens who just want to go to the gym or have a beer in public despite some octogenarian career bureaucrat saying they need to stay home but respond with an equal level of cowardness to the defence of our children from a madman with a gun.

This is absolutely unacceptable to a degree we cannot put words to.

We tacitly accepted that police will enforce laws we don’t like and are tools of state power, but we still need them for when the shit hits the fan and they run towards the danger and do their job of keeping us safe.

But no…

We got the tools of state power enforcing draconian and Unconstitutional restrictions on citizens, but when BLM burned and looted cities, and a unhinged teenager shot up an elementary school, they stood back and hindered regular people from protecting themselves or their children.

We can never go back to the way it was.

Any group that can break out the tactical gear and point rifles at people for having a drink at a bar in defiance of Fauci but not use that sane gear to protect children from being murdered have no place in society.

The police have no friends anymore.  The new Right will no longer have their backs.  Fuck ’em.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “How Uvalde has turned the Right against the cops”
  1. The Shiny Badge Brigade went from Peace Officers to Law Enforcement to Geheime Staatspolizei at the speed of stupid; they’re now just Armed Government Agents with Qualified Immunity and they don’t seem to have any awareness of how We The People now regard government.

    Things have changed, and not even slightly for the better. I’d wish them luck but they don’t deserve it.

  2. Yep it has changed, when we saw the riots and the cops standing down because the democrat mayors and councils were afraid of the mob, but they would roll the cops against us because they ain’t afraid of us, but of their own mob, it is telling. Now we have this going on because they know we on the right are more law abiding and less likely to “upset the apple cart”, than their own constituency, So the cops don’t fear us. Now we have asshole* shooting up a school and the same cops are afraid to roll toward the gunfire but instead form a perimeter and keep parents from going in a rescuing their kids…..what kind of messed up crap is that. They are better at facing a docile citizenry than an armed shooter.

  3. I would rather have local police departments with all their faults than have federalized police force which is what I think is the end goal.

    1. Ahh yes, The “Magic” Ones end goal. Forgot about that.
      Well done Sir.

      Lets be real, He is The Shadow Pressydent.

      Hard pressed to “Prove, ” I know…
      but I dont need to see the chicken if all I hear is clucking outside my window to know its a chicken.

  4. I don’t know that I would blame the police officers so much as I blame the bureaucracy created by the federal Police Officers Standards & Training (POST) regulations. Standards & training sounds like a marvelous idea but with standards everyone now does the minimum.

    1. The cops stood there and did nothing, other than stop the parents from rescuing the kids. Did the BP MAN follow orders or did he go in anyway? Fuck all those that stood around with their thumbs up their asses and let the kids die.

  5. Uvalde, Broward County Sheriffs, don’t forget Orlando Police at the Pulse Nightclub.

    Any excuse by squads of police officers to not confront a single armed man.

    Does anyone have any faith your police will confront a riotous progressive mob?

    They will be happy to hang you if you try.

  6. Anyone who was STILL supporting the gestapo this late in the game probably wasn’t ‘right-wing’ to begin with.
    Though I suppose watching the Thin Blue Line stand around laughing and pepper spraying desperate parents while children were being murdered in hearing distance might change a few opinions.

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