AOC says Dem Election Day losses result of running ‘fully 100% super moderated campaign’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that Republican Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia gubernatorial election because Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe ran a “100% super moderated campaign” that didn’t “energize a progressive base.”

“We lost because we were not radical Leftist enough.”

Yes, absolutely.  Run on this.  Please.

Schools zones should encourage all children to engage in homosexual experimentation require them to cross dress as part of sex education, as young as kindergarten.

Stores should be prohibited from having gendered sections.  Not just toys but everything.  That can be a man’s brassiere and tampons as much as a woman’s.

Companies should encouraged to dumpster resumes from white male applicants by the Dept of Labor.

All white male college students should be given no higher that a C in any state school.

Doctors should be required to tell every pregnant person about the benefits of abortion during every prenatal visit.

Go balls to the wall.

Never hold back.

Energize the fuck out of the Progressive base.

Do it.  I beg you.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “How you know your politician spends too much time on Twitter”
  1. Also, how do you know they’re DemonKKKrats? They’re *never* at fault, even if their own actions are the cause, when things go belly up. It is *always* someone else’s fault. And they always end up eating their own. SMD & LOL

    “‘Squad’ Dem takes aim at moderates as blame game for devastating Virginia loss escalates”

    As the saying goes: Let. Them. FIGHT. 😀

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