Professional Trainer Mistakes Pokémon Symbols for Gender Symbols in Viral Video

When one TikToker joined their company’s 10 a.m. professional development meeting, they were shocked to find that the trainer, who was educating employees on LGBTQ+ issues, seemed to be in need of some training themselves.

Instead of displaying the symbols that represent different gender identities and sexual orientation symbols, the trainer apparently displayed a chart of symbols from the Pokémon franchise.


Pro Tip:

If someone can confuse the symbols for Pokemon with the meaningless, identity politics, gobbledygook pictogramology then your identity politics, gobbledygook pictogramology is nonsensical bullshit.


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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “How you know your sexual identity is bullsh*t”
  1. If your theory of human sexuality requires more symbols than a contintental-scale weather map, it’s a failure.

  2. I’m not sure which chart is which, but I think I’m seeing genders like “aeolipile”, “tie fighter”, and “the artist formerly known as Prince” in there.

  3. Imagine being that upset because someone mixed up one set of contrived symbols for a fantasy tale with another set of contrived symbols for a different fantasy tale. If your made-up symbols for your made-up gender are confused for another fictional tale, that should tell you something.

  4. Why is it so damn important to wear a label that tells everybody how you like your sexual jollies?
    Really. I don’t want to know.

    1. Leftists love badges to identify in-groups and out-groups. They wear the ones they like and make other people wear ones they don’t.

    2. Part of being the Mostest Specialist Snowflake is having your very own unique Identity and Symbol, so you can crybully and shame others into treating you as special.

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