Why would a guy film this and upload it?

Clearly he has something very wrong with him.

The drug abuse and sexual proclivities, I suspect that he was severely abused as a child.

This is a grown man with severe daddy issues.

If he wasn’t such a corrupt piece of shit that has aided the corruption of the presidency, I’d feel bad for him.

And it’s obvious that Joe did horrible things to Hunter to turn him into that.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “I almost feel bad for Hunter Biden”
  1. Hunter is the most protected man in the United States. He is untouchable and above the law. The media covers for him more than his potato father.

    Makes me wonder what will happen to him when joe finally kicks the bucket. He is being protected to protect his father. What happens when his father inevitably passes away? Whatever it is it will be well deserved.

  2. I don’t feel bad at all. For ANY of them. ROFL!
    How’s that old Sammy Davis Jr. song go? Do do the crime if you can do the time.

    This feels like the “Slick Willie” demonkkkrat’s media brouhaha of the 90’s but multiplied by 7. 😉

  3. Spare the rod, spoil the child…. Fuk him. Sympathy is between shiite and syphlis in the dictionary. Just another product of never been told NO.. I think you gonna see more of this so idiots will “feel bad” for ol creepy joe and democrats…

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