Imagine being a Russian soldier and your officer commands you to be the perfect target in a textbook ambush.

Just form a tightly packed column on a road with obstructions to either side, that has clearly been pre-sighted and gives great cover and concealment to the enemy.

Russian military tactics have never been heavy on well thought out maneuvers.

The standard Russian doctrine since… forever, has been throw men at the enemy until they run out of ammo and you overrun their position.

Rolling into an ambush is an extension of that tactic.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “I almost feel bad for the Russian soldiers”
  1. Some of the video I have seen shows tanks being hit, with a substantial fireball, but the tank keeps moving. I wonder if that’s the reactive armor exploding, I’m assuming that’s what all the funny brick shaped items hanging on the outside of the tanks that you see in various pictures are.

  2. I’ve read that if the Finns had had enough artillery and ammo, the Soviets would’ve been far worse chewed up in the Winter War; the Finn engineers, before the war, had surveyed firing positions and targets for just about the whole country.

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