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  1. I really wish that 1911 had not stuck as the generic name for the Colt Commercial Gov’t Model.

    The one thing I can say about the M1911A1’s we were issued is they ALWAYS fed and went bang. You might not hit a tank at ten yards, but you’d send a round in the general direction of it.

    Sometime after World War Two, guns which are known as 1911’s stopped being even remotely compatible with them.

    You could take a pile of M1911A1’s apart down to the last pin, fill a cement mixer with them, mix vigorously, then put them back together without regard to which gun they came from; and you’d have the same number of functioning guns at the end as you started with.

    Try that with a stack of modern production guns!

    The target shooters and boutique makers have done so much to malign a perfectly reliable warhorse.

    1. Uh, any issue 1911A1 that couldn’t put 5 rounds within a 6 inch diameter circle at 25 meters (by a shooter that had his shit together) should have been taken to ‘3rd Shop’ where I or one of my fellow 45B/91F smallarms/artillery repairers would’ve fixed it. And done nothing ‘special’ to do it.

      Yep, I saw pistols that shot worse than a cylinder bored shotgun. I rebuilt them to the TM’s standard and most of them shot even better than that. And I never had one come back because it was jamming.

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