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DC Dyke March Bans Jewish Pride Flag

I am not shocked at all by this.  Not even the tiniest bit.

It seems like The Forward is.  That is probably because The Forward is a progressive Jewish magazine and Progressive/Left Jews still haven’t caught on that to be woke and intersectional means to be a Jew hater.

A gay pride parade in Washington, D.C. has been criticized by Jewish and LGBTQ groups for banning Jewish and Israeli symbols from its Friday event.

The D.C. Dyke March is designed to include people of diverse races, religions and gender identities who feel excluded from the more mainstream Pride parade, organizers told The Washington Post.

The march will also ban “nationalist symbols,” including flags that represent what event organizer Yael Horowitz called “nations that have specific oppressive tendencies.”

“This includes Israeli flags, as well as flags that resemble Israeli flags, such as a pride flag with a Star of David in the middle,” march organizer Rae Gaines — who is herself Jewish and a member of the left-wing Jewish group IfNotNow — wrote via Facebook Messenger to would-be participant A.J. Campbell, the founder of the lesbian Jewish group Nice Jewish Girls.

See, it’s not antisemitic to ban the Magen David, a symbol that has represented Jews for at least a thousand years.  It’s just “anti-nationalist” because it represents Israel.

American flags aren’t welcome either, but a Palestinian flag would be accepted, Gaines told the Forward.

Fucking of course they are.  Because the Palestinians are a poor, powerless, underdog, and their desire to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and take the whole area from Gaza to the River Jordan isn’t nationalist at all.

“The issue [with the Jewish Pride flag] is where the Star of David is positioned in a way that looks like an Israeli flag, it creates an unsafe space,” she said.

Some Jew hater’s feelings might get hurt so let’s implement antisemitism.

“It really is a shame that Israel took this symbol of Judaism and turned it into this nationalist symbol….I understand the Jewish pride flag is a symbol that a lot of Jews have come to embrace, but there are so many other Jewish symbols that we can use to express our Judaism, like a Star of David [on a necklace], like a yarmulke, a tallit.”

It’s not that Israel uses the Star of David to represent it’s Judaism, no, that can’t be it.  It’s now a nationalist symbol, not a Jewish symbol.

I’ll say it again, there is no Jew hatred like Lefty Jew self-hatred.

The move is reminiscent of a controversy from 2017 when the Chicago Dyke March kicked out marchers waving pride flags with Stars of David on them, claiming that they were too reminiscent of the Israeli flag and thus “made people feel unsafe.”

“The Jews made us feel unsafe” is what they are going to be saying when they push us into gas chambers.

“I just thought, the Chicago Dyke March is happening all over again — here,” Campbell told the Post, adding, “I’ve been a Jewish lesbian for a long time, and it’s never been a problem. . . . They seem to have very specific ideas about what kind of Jew I’m supposed to be, and I don’t feel like they get to say that.”

Nope, you don’t get to say that anymore.  Haven’t you heard the news?  Jews are now the Uber white supremacists.  Ben Shaprio, the Orthodox Jew, is a Nazi recruiter according to Buzzfeed.  Jews don’t get to be part of the protected Left anymore.  Unless they are anti-Israeli and vociferously defend Ilhan Omar from accusations of antisemitism.

“The DC Dyke March should know better than to stoke the flames of division and pain by driving a wedge between Queer Arabs and Jews at a time we must stand united against homo- and transphobia, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia,” the statement read. “We hope that they will do better––for the sake and advancement of all of our communities.

Forget it, Jew hatred is the new woke.

We’re only six days into Pride Month and already there are instances of woke, Lefty, antisemitism.

“We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re going to treat gay Jews the way we’re marching against how we used to be treated.”

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a man in a rainbow feather boa and fabulous sparkly heals stamping on a human face – forever.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “I am not shocked at all”
  1. If I were a “Queer Arab” I’d be a hell of a lot more frightened by a fundamentalist Muslim than a Jewish Lesbian. Just sayin’.

  2. They want inclusive? Blazing Sword\Pink Pistols and Armed Equality.

    Unless they’re on the anti-gun bandwagon as well.

  3. Jews may be considered the -representative- of everything they hate (family-oriented, monotheistic and God-fearing, careful with money and hard working therefore successful, etc.), but the Jewish faith is one of several stereotyped scapegoats. And they won’t be satisfied with the sacrifice of a scapegoat.
    I’m well aware that they cannot see the distinction between “Hebrew ancestry” and “Jewish faith,” and therefore label them both as synonymous, despite there being non-Jewish Hebrew descended people (Christian, Muslim, atheist, grab-bag-whatever the individual decided to follow) and non-Hebrew Jews (I have family like this, first generation Jewish, etc.), but to the left, such distinctions are meaningless, and get lumped together into one big ball of “badthink/ancestral guilt/whatever.”
    So starting from that false premise, that Jew=Hebrew and that that is emblematic of what they hate, they continue to a second wrong assumption: eliminating the stereotype will fix the world. Since most Jews won’t stop being Jewish, and a Hebrew can’t help his ancestry, that winds up being an elimination in deed.
    But they don’t, won’t, CAN’T stop there. Christianity is right up on the same gallows in their minds, right alongside Judaism (Islam isn’t, because it agrees with them that Jews and Christians are bad). With them will be everyone else, of any and all religions (and no religion at all) that objects, that protests, that opposes them and decries them and their actions as wrong and immoral.
    Oh sure, they’ll go after “pure Jews” first, among that stereotype. But they will go (have gone) after believing Christians with equal fervor. Then the “genetic Jews” and “ancestral Catholics” and “preachers kids” will be next, to atone for imagined sins of their fathers. Then objectors, resistors, protestors; then the blood guilt of THEIR families, then whatever new imagined hobgoblin of the week, and so on down the line.
    As a Christian with partial Hebrew ancestry, I’d be right up there with you. But I wouldn’t be the last.
    They forget that the guillotine was never satiated in its thirst for blood, that mobs eat their own, and ignore that eventually, if allowed to run full course without opposition, eventually their revolution will end in two people, one in the block and one pulling the lever.

  4. The LBGT crowd happily defends the Islamic Palestinians of Hamas and the PLO; even though Gays would be thrown off a roof (ISIS preferred), or hanged (Iranian preferred method). The Lesbians may get off easier, they would just be beaten until they submitted and spread for their husband, because what a woman wants in an Islamic State is not a priority. They will be forced to submit to a real life Religious Patriarchy.

    I gues the LBGT won’t learn until Islam kills another few millions of them? You think 49 at the Pulse would have been a big clue?

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