“I am not convinced voting will matter in this election. But if in fact the win is too big too rig…it will still just slow the slide into tyranny we’re experiencing. The only thing that will actually reverse any of this, thanks to the uniparty in DC, involves the tactical and strategic application of rooftop voting.”

James Tarr.

The moment people feel voting is irrelevant will be the day we are done with this phase of the USA. After that, it will become a place where the Political Scum under the covering of legality will impose their will upon the Citizens as it was done in Venezuela with the consequences we all have seen.

But there is only one difference: We can reply “Fuck you” at 150 grains doing 2,500 feet per second.

A lot of times.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

18 thoughts on “I am not the only one agreeing with this diagnosis.”
  1. The last cote I voted was in the 2020 election, mainly because that was a requirement by the client, a large DoD contractor. I have no interest/intent of ever voting again, at least in the voting booth. That applies all the way from local elections to the national level. I see no difference between the parties at any level. I’ll save my donations for people that can really use the help, but I won’t go into details…

  2. the “one power” installed all over is the result of citizens NOT doing thier civic duty. complacency breeds failure..if joe average can’t be bothered to vote is joe average gonna shag his fat ass up on the roof??? or is he gonna get on the fema bus?? being discouraged is what tyrants want. my wife saw an article claiming many DEMOCRATS weren’t going to vote this year. THIS means more of We the People MUST vote.THIS means WE are winning . maybe we ARE fukked but I bet not. IF We the People get out and swamp the polls. if ya don’t, ask yer self this- am I willing to go up on the roof? cause thats next….

  3. Somehow I don’t think it will matter how big the discrepancy is in the vote count. The left will create as many faux ballots as needed while making legitimate GOP ballots disappear as required to achieve the desired results….even if the “results” aren’t announce for several days. Just like Kali race involving Garvey and Schiff….where they spent two weeks “counting” ballots. And on the tiny slim chance that Trump wins the left is working hard to flip the House to their side by paying off GOP traitors to resign from office. So they can then “invalidate” the election results. There is NO WAY IN HELL the left is going to relinquish power. It’s just not how they work.

  4. “This is the most important election in our lifetimes!” — Politicians Every Election Cycle
    No. That was 2020. The left knew it and the GOP hated Trump more than they wanted to win so they laid back and let it happen (with a few notable GOP folks taking active measures to make sure he lost). Now the left knows that it doesn’t matter how obvious the fraud is. They have enough control over enough institutions that they will never be held accountable, and anyone who complains will be jailed or otherwise destroyed for it.

  5. Correct.
    And all the comments are correct too.
    However, in my opinion, the problem is not voting, choosing not to vote, the parties, or uniparty. The problem is everyone focuses on the national elections, and ignores the local government. Most people do not know who represents them in their local/city assembly/council/legislature, and frankly, they do not care. We just had a local election, and voter turnout struggled to get above 20%. The current leftists destroying our city will be re-elected because no one knows what they are doing.
    Yes, the person in the White House impacts your live. Your State’s Governor makes a difference. But, to really screws up your day to day life, ignore local politics.
    There is an old saying, watch after the pennies, and the dollars will take care of themselves.
    Same thing applies here. If the average American paid as much attention to their local representatives as they do their local sportsball team, I would expect national politics to come to heel.
    Then again, I could be delusional.

    1. Quite right. The President and your State Governor have an impact on your life, certainly, but your city councils and county commissioners are closer to home and have a bigger and more direct one.
      And fortunately, that door swings both ways: because they’re closer to home and rely on a smaller voter pool, you have a bigger and more direct impact on their continued elections, too. (IOW, with fewer votes going into local elections, your individual vote rings louder, as does your activism and GOTV efforts.)
      And for the love of all that is holy, don’t discount the importance of the oft-ignored local school board elections. These are the people in charge of educating your kids, but I can pretty much guarantee 90% of America can’t name one person on their local board. Attend those meetings, talk to the members, and if you don’t like them, throw your hat into the ring to replace them. Again, it’s a local election with a small voter pool; you don’t have to amass millions of votes to win. Depending on the size of the district and turnout numbers, a few thousand could do it.

    2. i mentioned local gubmint in another post quite a while ago. its true, complacency breeds failure… We the People have been complicit for a long time. We the People are the only ones who can save it..

  6. “We can reply “Fuck you” at 150 grains doing 2,500 feet per second.”

    No need to by noisy about it…

    500 gr at <1100 fps is a lot quieter…

  7. Trump is close to conquering the Republican Party. That’s a big deal. We’ve been stuck with a uniparty for decades, so voting really didn’t matter because everyone was in the same team of thieves.

    “We will not solve our problem by electing the right people. We will only solve our problem by making it politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing.” — Milton Friedman

  8. the only one who can prevent you from voting is YOU. as painful as it may be, go vote. beg, brow beat, threaten everyone you know to go vote…….. and remember to buy a ladder..

  9. Ethically you should not cast a rooftop line item veto if you did not cast a ballot to the same effect.

    It’s negligence. Hunting over bait. Knowingly building on a floodplain.

    Apply the boxes of liberty in the appropriate order.

  10. I don’t want to start a keyboard war, so I’ll be careful in my wording:

    What makes people think that if Donald Trump gets re-elected, he will do things this time that he didn’t do before?

    As to voting at the local level, BTDTGTTS. I was involved with local politics many years ago in upstate NY, while living in two communities at different times. As is the case here in a northern suburb of Cincy, taxes never go down, school budget votes keep happening until the budget is approved(send out the high school cheerleaders to dance around on voting day, wearing no bras with signs saying to support the budget((this was in NY, in a rural district)).

    I am so tempted to put a sign in front of my house that reads “If voting actually did anything, we wouldn’t be allowed to do so”. My much nicer wife wants to keep on good relations with the neighbors, so I don’t.

    1. The difference between now and Trump’s first term is that *he* has learned not to trust the establishment. Trump’s biggest mistake in his first term was that he trusted the integrity of the bureaucracy and the career SES people who surrounded him and advised him. He started out even trusting Shumer and Pelosi. He learned fairly quickly as people betrayed him — he stopped trusting Shumer and Pelosi the first time they betrayed him in a deal he made with them. But he didn’t know the depth of the betrayal until the end.
      Now he knows. He’s not dumb. He won’t make the same mistakes of trust again. And, that includes who he trusts to advise him. His model will be like that of Javier Milei. If Trump is elected, there will be metaphorical blood in the streets of DC as he opens the veins of the agencies that betrayed him.
      The establishment in DC is petrified of a Trump win, fearing retribution that will decimate their ranks. They are right to do so. They have, as they said in the first Ghostbusters, , chosen the form of their Destructor.
      Trump will not be completely successful. Biden is already trying to insulate the bureaucracy from him. But he will be more successful than any other option. He is driven, he’s angry, he’s been burned, and, at the base, he knows what he is risking and is willing to risk it.

  11. All the comments have valid reasoning, and as has been the case with me since after Reagan, I vote for the lesser of two evils–the most conservative constitutional individual—loosely defined. Trump is therefore the only choice. I hope hh465 is correct and he wins and now understands American Politics enough to ‘buy Americans some more time’ until the ultimate end comes. But I won’t bet a nickel that he’ll make it to the White House again.
    If he wins the election, I believe he’ll be assassinated. But I believe he’ll be the winner on Nov. 5 2 a.m. and become the loser twelve hours later—same as before. The leftist has perfected a system by which they can legally steal anything from anyone at any time. Between the progress of the National Popular Vote Alliance, which Maine just joined and the mail-in ballot system which can be manipulated in a variety of ways and have no legal safeguards in place to prohibit them, the leftist could run a cardboard cutout of Micky Mouse and win.
    The global leftist who owns this nation want Obama behind the curtain for another four years in order to seal and deliver on their investment of US Debt.
    It was the US Dept after the war which united the states to form the United States and it will be US Dept which divides and conquers the United States.

    1. Just wanted to add one more thing on the subject of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact currently 76% complete, meaning there only needs to be 65 or so more electoral college votes acquired to negate the electoral college system.
      In this year’s presidential election if the democrats win the popular vote, they automatically have 76% of the votes needed for an electoral college win, which means all they have to do is to manipulate the same five to six states they did in the last election to win. In 2020 it took 20,000 votes in each of six states to give Biden the electoral win between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. on election night. This time it will take less votes to achieve another electoral win.
      MI, VA, NC, AZ, AR, OK, have passed this compact in one house and it looks as if it might pass the other house in these six states, which would provide 67 electoral votes—NV’s houses have already approved it but it requires another vote to make it law which would provide 6 votes. Each state which passes this compact enable leftist to more easily manipulate the electoral process for the win.
      For Trump to win, he’ll need to overcome the manipulation tactics used in the same states which had vote counting irregularities in 2020, but this year less corruption will be required for the win because of the greater guarantee of the 76% electoral college votes.
      I highly doubt Trump will win the national popular vote. Not with all the illegal immigrants voting.

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