The gunman who killed nine people at an Oregon community college before taking his own life ranted in writings he left behind about not having a girlfriend.

Source: News from The Associated Press

That makes what? Third Asshole that shoots people because they haven’t got laid? Do we need to start a GoFundMe to hire hookers or something?

If it saves just one life…I’ll be the pimp. Just call me Dr. Detroit.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “I am noticing a trend here.”
  1. Who will be Mom? Hillary!? Or Shannon? Hillary! probably fits the part better, but that might be type-casting……

  2. Sexual frustration is one of those thangs in High school nowadays. Might have been an issue back in the day (early 90s or before), but it gets worse nowadays. The peer pressure to be ‘in’ and to be part of the proper social crowds is immense, and some people can’t cope. They buckle, detach from the world, commit suicide, go on rampages, what have you. In this case, a goodly portion of it is bad parenting, probably the bulk of it, but not all. Some credit has to be given to at least the social strata in the school systems.

    The environment in a modern school is a case of assholes being assholes, and schools are institutions designed to collect as many teenage or twenty-something assholes in one building as possible, then give them an environment and activity list specifically engineered to piss off a saint. It becomes an echo chamber of angst and whang frustration all of its own making. And people wonder why this happens? If I can figure this out, but nobody else is discussing the big pink elephant in the room, I think we need to start teaching real analysis skills somewhere in school, because this part of the problem is obvious on the face of it. It might be time to start looking at some alternatives for school engineering and methodology.

    Just my 2 fractions of an almighty dollar for this subject.

  3. Coping skills. Therein lies the real issue. Our society is churning out generations of wimps. The progressive left is making normal childhood and adolescent behavior unacceptable and illegal. Everyone gets a trophy. No Pop Tart guns. No cowboys and Indians. No fighting. No fighting back. No coping skills.

  4. Lord help me, but my first thought was obviously those guys weren’t Fraternity Gentlemen or Infantry Officers. Probably didn’t play baseball in high school, neither.

  5. What happened to the liberal movement of “it gets better”? Or did that only apply to LGBT teenagers? I guess straight teenagers with issues have to “check their privilege”…

  6. Add to all this the “rape culture” myth and “affirmative consent” crap, and you have the perfect recipe for either sexual frustration, or bogus rape charges.

    What’s a young “pajama boy man-child” (thank you, Larry Correia, for that phrase!) to do these days?

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