Once again, the nation’s eyes are on Alabama for being beyond fucking ridiculous.

Abortion has become the foremost topic in the culture war, even more so than guns.  As a result, the laws going back and forth on this are getting more and more extreme.

I fucking hate the Left on this topic.  Every day they come up with a euphemism to avoid admitting that abortion is killing an unborn person, I want to vomit.  When some Hollywood celeb uses technical jargon to describe an unborn child’s heartbeat as anything other than a heartbeat it shows what immoral piles of shit they are.

You are killing an unborn child, own it.

Then they get even worse.  Celebs who Tweet about their abortions as the best thing ever, or celebs who say they wish they had an abortion for feminist street cred,  or the “shout your abortion” movement.  This is grotesque.  This is a culture of death where having an abortion becomes some sort of feminist sacrament, like a pilgrimage to Mecca, to prove that you are a liberated woman.  This is evil.

If that is the Hollywood side, we go over to the Alabama side.

What a fucking travesty of a law that is.  No exemption for rape or incest, no exemption for fetal viability?  Really?

The state of Alabama would make me pay for and raise my wife’s or my daughter’s rapist’s baby?

No.  Flat fucking no.

And here is some pundit to explain why beliving that makes me not a conservative.

Fuck Jesse Kelly.  Then fuck his wife and make him raise the baby.

If bodily autonomy means anything, then it means a woman and her husband should not have to bare and pay for (both emotionally and financially) the products of the conception from rape.

Here is the thing.  While I don’t like the idea of abortion, I accept that sometimes it’s a terrible thing that has to be done.

I own that.  Life isn’t fair and sometimes it ends.  How many children did we kill in Hiroshima or Nagazaki or Dresden to end WWII.  Yeah, that sucks but what is the least worst option?

So I gave Tucker one more change and boy howdy, did he fuck that up.

I get that states are the laboratories of democracy, but we are a constitutional republic.  There are just some ideas that the people and states cannot put into place, no matter what their local values are.

That is the very principle of the Bill of Rights.

The Supreme Court decided in Roe v Wade in 1973 that the right to an abortion prior to the sovereign viability of the child (the child surviving on its own outside the womb) was protected under a right to privacy.

That is the law, it’s been that way for 46 years.  The states have to abide by that.

Alabama willfully passing an unconstitutional law to ban abortion is no different than Alabama passing a law reintroducing slavery or segregation or separate but equal.

Sure, the Supreme Court did overturn separate but equal, but let’s be honest.  There was a tectonic shift in the national identity between the decision in Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 and Plessy v. Fergusonin 1896.  Literally, all the old Confederate veterans who fought for slavery had died and taken their shitty ideas to the grave.

The idea that Roe would be overturned today, with half the country demanding that the Federal Government pay for abortions by subsiding Planned Parenthood is a fucking pipe dream.

The Right can say all they want that “the Supreme Court made up a right out of whole cloth and Row was poorly decided,” and all I can say is “fuck you.”

That is exactly, EXACTLY  what the Left says about McDonald v. Chicago, and Heller v. DC.  It is what they will say if and hopefully when the Supreme Court strikes down any assault weapon ban.

So what did Alabama do exactly?  It opened the door for New York and California and any other Blue state to say “We don’t like McDonald and Heller, they were poorly decided.  We are banning all guns and confiscating them.  The Federal Government can sue us and we’ll fight it all the way up to the Supreme Court with the hope of overturning those decisions.  It’s for the children.”

If that makes your blood boil, well, that’s what Alabama did for abortion.

For me, doubly so, because as an Alabama taxpayer, I have to fucking pay for this fucking showboating to get shot down by a Federal court.  It’s never going to make its way to SCOTUS, it will be overturned at the district level, and the overturn will be upheld at the Court of Appeals.  SCOUTS will probably refuse to hear it if it gets that far.  This is a waste of money and effort.

“But… but… but… it’s for the children that we have to ignore SCOTUS.”

Yeah, and that is EXACTLY what the Leftists in their sanctuary cities and states say about the willful violation of Federal immigration laws.  They think they can because of the refugee children and “babies in cages.”

No Conservative can demand that Blue states be forced to accept gun rights and not be allowed to have sanctuary status and defend Alabama willfully violating Roe.

New York tries to pass a law legalizing infanticide and Alabama passes a law that mandates I watch my wife give birth to her rapist’s baby.

To be honest, I wish both sides would stop writing laws and just go at it Gettysburg style.  Let Jesse Kelly and Alyssa Milano bayonet each other in a Hollywood sound stage.  It would be a better solution that each side codifying their extremism.

Now here is what really kills me.  This law is going to help turn Alabama Blue.

The total blockage of any Amendment, even prohibiting abortion for rape and incest, has turned off a lot of non-extremist conservatives.  They may not vote for Democrats in the next election, but they sure as shit are not going to vote for State Rep You-have-to-have-your-rapists-baby for reelection.  What will happen?  In all but the most rural Red areas of the state, we swing Blue, then the Democrats without nuance do a victory dance in the streets that they are winning in Alabama and they can force all their other evil shit like gun control and forced child gender transition on us.

All this law did was make everything worse.

There is no upshot to any of it.

The law will be struck down in the courts, and we’ll have to pay for it.

The Left will claim an easy victory and make it easier for them to win on the ballot next time.

Other states will be motivated to also engage in legislative insurrection and pass their own laws to ban whatever matched their values, from Ben Shapiro on campus to Fox News on TV to guns.  Why not.  Ban it with the intention of it being fought all the way up to SCOUTS.  I can’t see how that is anything but a bad idea.

This is a God-damned shit show perpetrated by ideological extremists on both sides going at each other in the legislature and it needs to fucking stop.




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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “I am really hating living in Alabama right now (profanity warning)”
  1. I would rather have my victory in pieces than defeat as a whole. Take what you can and go for more next time. But get what you can. All or nothing in most cases is simply a losing strategy when it comes to politics.

  2. Excellent take and good show of the lack of consistency.

    I would suspect this will be injuncted in like 10 minutes. The exact first thing I said was I feel bad for all the people in Alabama who are going to have to pay for possibly 10ish years of litigation.

  3. There are two problems I see with the Alabama law.
    One is that the tactics are imbecile. My wife pointed out that it mainly is fodder for Dem claims that conservatives are out to take away all abortion everywhere. And that this is basically turnaround of the well known issue of taking guns away. The sane thing to do would be to pass that reasonably approximates the middle ground — say, a “viability” standard. Even “heartbeat” would have been more sensible.
    The other problem is that they very explicitly tell us that this law is not meant to be taken seriously but that it is merely a test case. WTFO? I think it would make perfect sense for the Supreme Court to throw it out summarily, without a hearing, on the grounds that AL is just playing games with the court. (Arguably it violates the rule that courts can only decide “cases”.)

  4. This is a 10th Amendment issue. This is about ‘state’s rights’, even though the state does not have rights; states have powers, individuals have rights.

    A ‘right to abortion’ is completely unconstitutional. Rather than kevetching about having to pay for this test case, how about supporting the challenge to the court’s usurpations?

    Since firearms were mentioned, laws for ‘gun laws’ are also unconstitutional. States may impose their own laws but RKBA is an enumerated right of individuals. Would you complain if AL made a test case of that issue?

  5. What did the baby do wrong? Should life be denied to an innocent child because of the stigma the mother might feel? Give it up for adoption, get tough on rape; don’t kill babies because people might feel bad about them.

    1. Why? An infinite number of possible things are worse than killing babies with undeveloped brains. Even if people do get emotional about it.

  6. My I understanding is this law was deliberately made to be as restrictive as possible to have it wind up in the Supreme Court, with the hopes of overturning Roe vs. Wade. Which wouldn’t mean that abortion would be illegal in the U.S., only that states could choose whether or not to allow it. So death culture fundamentalists like Andrew Cuomo will still be able to revel in legalized infanticide. In the mean time, the rape victim in Alabama can still get that abortion, it will just require a trip to another state.

    1. My thinking is that they have explicitly marketed the thing as a joke so that it would be perfectly reasonable for the court to just toss it out sight unseen. Then what do they achieve, other than looking like the obvious morons that they are?

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