I can’t remember when I stopped watching the Olympics, probably sometime in the 20th Century. This is not going to entice me to come back anyway.
I do understand them, they are trying to get income from other countries which will probably fail because American beers are considered weak piss in most of the world.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “I am so watching the Olympics now…”
  1. I think you will see the olympics become “woke” more and more and fading into obscurity…. yea, most American beers is weak compared to the rest of the world…yawn… I don’t care anymore..

  2. This kind of thing seems to be AB’s main way to be relevant again. One of the podcasts I listen to, the hosts are in that industry. They said that AB has been throwing money at every major events, sports/concert venue, and media outlet to basically force people to buy/shill for their stuff because of the golden rule. “He who has the gold, rules.” How that will play out, time will tell.
    I would say I haven’t touched any of their stuff because of their recent BS, but I’ve been cutting back on just about everything in the “adult beverage” sector because of cost and because I really don’t need that junk in my diet. The last time I had anything from AB was back in 2019 when I was at the Veza Sur brewery in Wynwood (which shocked a lot of people in the group because they just thought it was this neat little craft brewery in the hipster district, not a front for a brewing megalith).

  3. I enjoy a good beer every now and then. My home state of Oregon has a craft-brewing culture that is legendary — so many fantastic options. (Rogue, Pelican, 10 Barrel, Three Creeks … all good.)
    Unfortunately, Budweiser (and Bud Light even more so) is not a good beer; it’s the watered-down piss of a man who recently enjoyed a good beer.
    I stopped watching the Olympics long ago, except for a few highlights here or there if I find something or someone interesting. The Games — historically intended to be non-partisan and non-political since forever — have nevertheless been politicized into irrelevance.
    This move, with all its political connotations (intentional or not), does nothing to encourage me to start again.

    1. Nah. Currently Russian and Ukraine are poised to compete for the gold in Full Contact Team Biathlon in the 2024 Winter Games. Russia is hoping to avoid the embarrassing loss on points it suffered against Finland at the 1940 Winter Games.

  4. So an Olympic event will be sponsored by a European beer company that needs to dig out of the hole the Harvard girl’s tranny ad put them into. No surprise and good luck getting Europeans to buy more since their economy is in even worse shape than ours.

  5. “Welcome back to the women’s 10M diving competition. Team USA got off to a rough start when one of their athlete’s balls popped out of her swimsuit during a flip off the high dive.”

    “That’s right Bob, that’s something you don’t see everyday.”

  6. I pretty much stopped watching the Olympics in ’96 when NBC was broadcasting it in the US. Their coverage was completely 100% US covered. No other country got airtime. They would rather show a US team losing in the semi finals than show a fantastic performance from another country’s athletes. I am not exactly a sports fan, I like to watch stuff with competition, not “my team winning.” But, the assumption on the part of the network that everyone in the US was only interested in seeing the US play (and win) was wrong, and lost lots of viewers.
    As to AB sponsoring the Olympics, they are desperate.
    The problem was not using that girl pantomime actor, the problem was the director of marketing who made that decision because she despised the “frat boy/sports bar” market that made up 90% of Bud Light drinkers. And, she was open about disrespecting the market that made the brand profitable.
    I am seeing a lot of ads for Bud Light, with a lot of big names in them, and, frankly I think the big names are harming their reputations more than benefitting the beer brand.

  7. Back in the 80s I had a bit of cognitive dissonance when I saw Budweiser listed under “imported lagers” in a British pub menu. As another Oregonian, I drink local stuff and the closest I’ve been to drinking an AB product is 10 Barrel which was bought by AB a few years ago and has been off the list for a while now. With over a dozen breweries in my city alone, I’m not short of alternatives.
    I’m also not heavy into NBC Olympics coverage, although streaming gives a better shot at the events I care about instead of 5 minute bites between gushing over gymnastics and track.

  8. The one good thing I can say about Budweiser is that it’s slightly better than the college beers I used to drink in Wisconsin — Schlitz, Pabst, Strohs, Heilemann, Colt 45 (yes, there is such a brand), Old Milwaukee, …

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