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11 thoughts on “I am sorry, but there is no way I can take them seriously.”
  1. Stop. Using. Twitter.

    Nobody went to a freak show expecting to see their neighbors and relatives, so stop treating the social media freak shows as somehow representative or predictive.

  2. I’m reminded of a George Carlin bit, which I will modify:

    They call ‘em like they see ‘em, or they just make ‘em up.

    What a waste.

    I prefer to say that I’m ammosexual.

  3. Fleccas Talks does a weekly recap of “This week in culture” on Rumble. Usually about a half hour or so of this crap. Really shows where our society is headed…and it ain’t good.

    1. It says *NOTHING* about where society is headed, anymore than fifteen years ago we were all going to be chubby kids mimicking Jedi fights because “Star Wars Kid” was popular.

      The normal doesn’t get attention — so what is brought to our attention via social media IS NOT NORMAL.

      1. You’re right. I get sucked in with the stupidity that is one the internet. Then I go about my day IRL and realize the silent huge majority is still sane.

  4. “Abrosexual,” much like “pansexual,” is just a bit of nonsense from younger Millennials who spent too much time on Tumblr and decided that calling themselves bisexual didn’t make them sound special enough.

    If you’re in a relationship with a male one partner at one point, a relationship with a female partner at another point, and also experience periods where you have no partner at all…? That isn’t a unique sexual orientation, kid. That’s called “finding a date is hard.”

    (It’s a hell of a lot harder when you spend your free time making an ass of yourself on TikTok. Get Amit of the house, get a hobby. Develop a personality.)

  5. Every generation thinks their special feelings about their naughty bits is somehow different, better, more intense, and more special than any previous generation. But something tells me the only thing touching the naughty bits of that thing in the video is plastic toys from China. Or an unfortunate dog and a jar of peanut butter. Either way.

  6. Ish hit the nail squarely on the head. This is more of a desperate attempt to get attention (and gain “points”) than anything else. It is what children (especially those that do not have gotten spanked enough) do when the attention turns away from them.

    Had this human just put out a tiktok where they yelled “Look at me!” over and over again it would not change the message in any way.

  7. I say we get the 4-Chan trolls who managed to convince the entire news media (and through them the progressive base) that the “okay” gesture was a symbol of white supremacy to start planting the seeds for “gamosexual” and “monoromantic.”

    Gamosexuality means having sexual attraction to and sexual relationships with a single partner, although it doesn’t rule out the possibility of brief feelings of sexual attraction to others, a gamosexual will always feel deepest attraction to their single partner.

    Monoromantic is a feeling of romantic attraction confined to a single partner.

    Then we can see how many research grants we can get for our brave new world definition of monogamy.

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