On calling or the genocide of Jews:

“If the speech becomes conduct, it can be harassment.”


So, for the blonde Ivy League biatch, genocide is only harassment, not even a felony crime and much less a crime against humanity.

Remember: It is Hate Speech only if they deem so and you say it. They are never wrong nor hateful even when they drop Zyklon-B down the vent.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “I beg your f***ing pardon?”
  1. Im not surprised as we have a “president “ openly calling for violence against MAGA people… and current polls according to Howie Carr say Trump would get 300 electoral votes right now. These morons will find out if they try to follow orders…

  2. Simple test for the university presidents. Are you okay with (as in believe it is a right to do so, not necessarily that you agree with) people saying the same things about other groups, or not? If so then at least you recognize free speech at your institutions. If not, then your bias is showing. And, will all groups / individuals that say “X should Y” be sanctioned the same? If not, then there’s active discrimination.

    1. The Harvard lady was black. Let’s rephrase the question: “Does calling for the genocide of black people violate Harvard’s rules regarding bullying and harassment?”
      Personalize it and make her defend her response. If she, as a black woman, can sit there and say that whether calling for a genocide on black people violates Harvard’s rules or not “depends on the context”, she might be a free-speech warrior. But if not, then she’s basically saying the only “context” that matters is that students are calling for a genocide on Jews and not another “protected” class.

  3. With respect, the university lawyer lady is using lawyer speak. Legalistic Harassment requires pervasive and ongoing behavior: once isn’t harassment, somewhere between once and a dozen times it does become harassment. It becomes intimidation when the harassment is perceived as realistically feasible: i.e. when the people telling you they want you killed genuinely start being believable in a means and opportunity sense (right here, right now, and to “you” or “them”)

    It’s all lawyer double speak.

    From a first amendment standpoint once or twice is defensible; a dozen times is clearly malicious. The best counter to shitty people and shitty speech is good people and good speech

    1. Sorry, that’s simply not true.
      A single incident can be considered harassment if it’s significant enough. Think, a man groping a woman’s breast (uninvited, etc.)
      Rather, the way to think about it is that many incidents, each slight in and of itself, can represent harassment if reoccurring, and even if not directly aimed. Think, a group of women making comments about their boyfriends’ “size” in the presence of a man.

  4. There’s an interesting op-ed in today’s WSJ, “From which river to which sea?” which reports that most of the youth shouting that disgusting slogan in fact have no idea which river or which sea it refers to. Or they may think that the point is to have Israel at one side of a river and “Palestine” at the other. Apparently, when they are told what the phrase actually means and intends, many of them stop supporting it.

    I don’t think that’s an excuse, though. If you spout nazi slogans you should pay the price, and ignorance does not excuse it. Especially if you’re supposedly a university student, an allegedly highly educated person.

    1. Youth supporting a cause and parroting chants without knowing what any of it means is something I’ve noticed happening for a while now. Not just with Israel/Palestine.
      The Parkland school shooting happened while my oldest kid was in middle school. The students — with the support and consent of the staff — staged a walk-out in “solidarity” with the students of MSD High School, and to show support for “gun control” laws, including a renewed ban on “assault weapons”.
      But they didn’t tell a lot of the kids the full extent of what they were “showing support” for. My kiddo walked out with the rest of the students, not knowing the whole message they were trying to send.
      When we talked about it later, he did me proud. “Dad, if I’d known what they were walking out for, I’d have stayed in class.”
      In that vein, I wonder how much of this campus pro-Palestine/anti-Israel activism movement is people who lack a full understanding of the issue or the true contextual meanings of the various chants. I mean, you’d be surprised how many “educated” people aren’t aware of just how small Israel is (it’s about the size of New Jersey), or that every single neighboring nation is hostile — relations are uneasy in the best of times.
      Ergo, it’s no surprise that a bunch don’t grok that “from the river to the sea” means ALL of Israel, not just Gaza or the West Bank. Or that every time “the ceasefire is broken”, it’s Hamas breaking it. (The media goes out of its way to make sure the headlines never say that part.) Or that Gazans jailed in Israel for “throwing rocks” were often throwing cinder blocks off highway overpasses at passing cars and semis. Or that Hamas pays money to the families of young people killed while committing acts of real, honest-to-God terrorism (it’s literally the quickest way to ensure your family is provided for; kill a bunch of Jews, and they’re set for life), which we pay for through “humanitarian aid”.

  5. These asshats, as pointed out above, have allowed leftists to harass speakers, attack them, block them from leaving, and harassed the hell out of anyone wanting a ‘non-approved by leftists’ speaker on campus, including physical attacks. And these literally violent students and off-campus agitators get away with it, over and over.

    But they threaten Jews in general and Jewish students in particular, sometimes including physical attacks, and ‘it depends on the context’…

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