By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “I being Poe’s Lawed here hard”
  1. Man I got a great laugh out of that, but then pedantic me decided to burst the bubble. That set up is actually fine and also better for the people around him (that is if this was something to be worried about). The diaper is covering his exhalation valve, so that it can stop some of the droplets that he exhales, which would not be otherwise. Added benefit that it still allows air out that way, as opposed to fully blocking it, there by forcing you to break the seal every time you exhale therefore almost mooting the point of wearing a tight fitting full face mask.

    Qualified yearly in half APR, Full APR, Full PAPR, hood PAPR, Welding PAPR, SCBA, and airline. Thankfully, do not do airline suits anymore.

  2. Quite possible this guy has a medical condition that makes him susceptible to harsh illness if he catches the covid. He looks older, and does not look like he is an exercise junkie. Finally, he does not exactly look like a MIT grad either, so when he hears Fauxi saying two masks are better than one, he may say “even though it looks ridiculous, I cannot afford to take chances….”

    Or, I am being a bit kind. Tough to tell.

  3. I vote Troll Level Nine.

    “Well, Dokter Fauxi sex to wear too makses, so…..”

    Just like my imagined Wretched Whitler paper bag face mask

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