What kick my funny bone is that the Russians are supposed to be the experts on urban combat resistance given their history with the Nazis. I guess they forgot those lessons.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “I believe this is what firestorm looks like”
  1. Perhaps all would be Wolverines should archive all these videos for inclusion in a training manual.

    If nothing else it would be fun to have the material available to shove in the face of anti second amendment morons when they say we can’t stand up to a modern military…

  2. My question is, what happens when the gloves truly come off? As in the armor comes in in mass and shooting? Don’t take me wrong, I’m glad to see the people stand and fight, but something seems off in that video, the first one drove into the flames and the second didn’t stand back and shoot back?

  3. Agree with Wizardpc that this may not be current.
    Also, curious as to what the ROE is for the Soviets.
    Are civilians with fire bombs in play?????
    Does Putin care if his troops are on film mowing down civilians?

    1. We know very well from long precedent that Putin doesn’t mind killing civilians, including Russian ones. Remember when he had the KGB blow up several apartment buildings in a false flag operation, early in his reign?
      He’s a communist. Communists, by definition, care only about their own power and privilege; the well being and the life of the oppressed masses are of zero interest to them.

      1. It seems your problem is that you have a clear cut Feindbild.
        I’m more cynical, I see that the Ukrainian army is setting up missile sites in residential areas. They even managed to fire AA-missiles into apartment buildings. They started ambushes on Russian troops while civilians were in the crossfire. They crushed civilian cars in traffic when deploying their troops.

        And a few years back they shot their own people to get international sympathy.

        Jaja, communists bad. I was born in the fucking DDR, I do not need a lecture. But for all the talk about war crimes from the Russians it seems most harm comes to the civilians because the Ukrainian government decided to take a stand inside the cities.

  4. Someone should tell the Ukrainians that once the target is in flames, you do not need to light your Molotov wick.
    1. you won’t give away your position with a flaming beacon.
    2. the damned thing won’t blow up in your hand a score an own goal.
    Urban warfare is bloody. The Russians learned what a meatgrinder urban warfare is when they thought they fought to the center of Grozny. Then the Chechens struck. Most of the Russians died in place.
    I don’t think 175,000 Russians can take Ukraine and hold it. 233,000 square miles. 40 million people.

  5. I can’t get any of these twitter links to work on this or several other posts.

    GFZ really doesn’t want me to see this stuff. 8>)

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