This guy is a legend. Just a God and hero among men. Mark Gubin is an artist and photographer in Milwaukee and decades ago he realized that his studio was along the flight path to the local airport. He had the brilliant idea to paint on the roof of his studio in giant letters “Welcome To Cleveland.” Why? To mess with people mostly.

The sign is decades old, and is having new life today after being passed around Twitter. For years the sign has caused passengers on planes to freak out about going to the wrong place. There apparently was a Denver to Cleveland flight that stopped over in Milwaukee and the sign caused all sorts of confusion from passengers who thought the plane must have skipped the layover.

Source: Guy Who Lives Near Airport Painted “Welcome to Cleveland” on His Roof, He Lives in Milwaukee: The Q: GQ

We are not worthy!

Hat tip to Jay H.

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  1. When my family was putting up their new barn a few years ago I wanted to paint “Chicago 20 Miles –>” on the roof but I was voted down (BTW I live in Colorado).

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