No matter how bad a story is coming out of New York City, the next one is worse.  I legitimately do not know what rock bottom is for that city, but I’m sure it is literally hell.

NYC man who tried to strangle 11-year old girl in park arraigned, out on bail

A 29-year-old man accused of trying to strangle an 11-year-old girl in a Manhattan park was arraigned and released on $7,500 bail on Saturday night.

Nathaniel Direnzo, of Saint Marks Place, was arrested on Saturday morning for a bizarre, broad-daylight attack on the young girl and another minor on Wednesday afternoon.

He was charged with second-degree strangulation, two counts of acting in a manner injurious to a child, second-degree harassment and two counts of assault.

A man strangles an 11-year-old and hits a 15-year-old and gets out on $7,500 bail.

This is justice in NYC.

I’m glad I live in Red county in a Red state.  If a grown man tired to strangle an 11-year-old girl in a park down here, the only thing for first responders to do would be haul away his body.

As it should be.

I just hope we haven’t absorbed enough New Yorkers to change the culture so that grown men who strangle children in North Carolina get bail instead of bullets and any parent who defends their child gets arrested.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “I cannot fathom the depravity of NYC”
  1. The kids were throwing firecrackers at the dogs in the dog park. They were apparently on recess from a nearby school and had a chaperone with them who clearly did not have any control over them whatsoever.

    There’s apparently a ton of video because lots of news outlets are showing…screengrabs of the videos, but not much of the videos themselves. In one snippet, you can hear a woman say “Sir, we have you on video” but that woman is speaking to the chaperone (or possibly one of the teenagers involved).

    If anyone knows where to find the full, unedited videos that were likely posted to social media, post it here.

    From the articles I have read and the very, very short clips that have been posted, it appears what actually happened was:

    -Kids start throwing dirt, rocks, and “snap pop” firecrackers over a fence that encloses a dog run
    -Dog walkers, including the suspect, go over to confront them and try to get the chaperone to make them stop
    -During this exchange, the girl in question throws rocks and dirt at the dog walkers
    -The man starts screaming at the girl
    -The 15 year old takes a swing at the man, and the chaperone tries to restrain the teenager.
    -This is the point where one of the other dog walkers tells the chaperone (they have him on video.
    -The girl then leaves the area, goes through the entrance to the dog run, and approaches the man from behind
    -It is at this point that the “assault” happens.

    Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that there was a video of a “hysterical Karen screaming at a birdwatcher and falsely accusing him of threatening her” when it turned out that he’d provoked her and then played the victim:

    Again, it’s hard to tell from the very limited clips, but it also appears that when the girl entered the dog park she was followed by three of the teenagers, including the one who had already assaulted the man.

    I think the reason for the low bail is because there’s a low chance of getting a conviction.

    1. Was thinking along those lines. We are only getting part of the story.

      If your info is correct, this was a situation where an individual who would have been perfectly content to have a loud word argument and go his own way was repeatedly provoked into a violent laying of hands.

      It is also a clear demonstration of why you should just walk away. End of story. Does not matter what is happening. If it is not a direct threat to your life, leave. Here we are, all ready to condemn NYC for allowing this “violent” man to go free on low bail, when in fact the situation may warrant it.

      Remember, the news media has willingly withheld information in the past in order to rile up the masses. (Richard Jewel springs to mind, as well as Zimmerman/Martin, and the gentle giant Michael Brown.)

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