It is impossible.

Not just do we not have any values in common, we don’t even live in the same factual reality.

Seen on the internet:


Who has been the United States President for over a year?

Now how about Florida politics:


I’ve read the US Constitution.  I can’t see where the governor of a state has any authority over foreign policy.

In fact, I’m pretty sure it says the opposite.

We have thr first war in Europe for a generation and like magic the last year of Presidential history has vanished.

Biden who?  Never heard of the guy.  This is all Trump’s fault and Governor DeSantis isn’t doing enough to stop it!

How are we supposed to coexist in one nation with people like this.


Is is from MSNBC.  This is an actual ad from MSNBC they put on their official Twitter.


Installed by whom?

And if he was such a bulldozer to our Constitution why did he allow himself to lose an election?

This is bat-shit insanity propagated by a major media network devoid of any factual accuracy.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “I cannot share a country with these people – Update”
  1. Relax, J. Kb, they have no intention of living with people like us, which they will rectify as soon as they can get the cattle cars and gas chambers up and running.

  2. Once the ‘narrative’ is in their heads, they can’t change it. They ‘want’ to believe, stronger than any cult. Take a look at the MI AG twitter responses, most of them are ‘russia russia russia’

    1. Hunter never did a military tour in SW Asia, his drug urinalysis results prevented that; but he sure did some “tours” in SE Asia. Probably lots of Tripping too.

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