After the story about his pay-to-play, the terrible job he did a mayor, and his bumble-fucking of his duties as Secretary of Transportation, the idea that Buttigieg  signed up to use veteran status as a credential for political ambitiou while being a POS officer overseas just feels so on the nose.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “I cannot verify this but it feels true”
  1. He also was running the city of South Bend from the warzone instead of resigning like he should have. So neither duty was getting his full attention. It was big news around here back in the day.

  2. The photo that was circulating when he was trying to run for president made things quite clear — it showed a man who looked like he had never held, let alone fired, a rifle in his life. Also, he was an accountant, so the fact that he never left base is exactly what you would expect. What you have there is a REMF shortcut “officer” not part of the chain of command, no more than a chaplain or military lawyer is.

  3. It seems like the more someone in politics makes a big deal out of military service, the less likely that person actually did the dirty work.

  4. And this was all known way before he became a ‘bright and shining political star.’ Just like all the other scandals associated with the Democratic party, from the Clinton Cash and Kill Machine to the Obama Dream Team to Hillary’s Attacks on Trump to (insert scandal that the media ignores here.)

  5. I’ve got a picture like that of me. I was recruited by the Army for a specific job, stumbled through Officer Basic, and spent zero time outside of CONUS. Instead, I spent 12 years in the subbasement of a concrete cube in the DC area. But I have a picture of me when I was PROFIS to a deployable unit and did exercises in Texas that look almost exactly like that. When I showed it to my friends who were infantry, they burst out laughing.

    But I still get my 10% discount at Home Depot!

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