Where Ji-Young gets rejected from Harvard for being Asian with straight A’s.

I wonder if the other Muppets will accuse her of gentrification for being White Adjacent.

(I want to make this clear, I have nothing against Asian-Americans.  I’m just pointing out that this is the awfulness of the Left.  They will pander to Asian-Americans with a puppet while discriminating against them in real and malicious ways.  My sincerest hope is that Asian-American parents are as offended by this as they should be and vote accordingly.)

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “I can’t wait for the special episode…”
  1. Earth calling PBS… Earth calling PBS… Attention!

    That is not an Asian American. That is a pile of cloth. All muppets are a pile of cloth. The only way that’s Asian American is if you had it made in a Chinese sweat shop or Uyghur slave camp and imported it to your studios.

    End of message

    Honestly, how far down the hole of the “first whatever” do we have to be that a puppet with dark hair, eyes and eyebrows is important?

  2. I demand a JAPANESE Muppet!
    And a Filipino Muppet!
    Where is the Indian (Subcontinent and American) Muppet(s)?

    1. And a Korean, and a Mongol, and a Laotian, and an Indonesian, and a Viet, and a Montagnard, and a a a a a a…

  3. Ernie there is orange.

    In fact, all the original Sesame Street puppets had inhuman skin tones SO THEY WEREN’T IDENTIFIABLE BY RACE.

    Content of their character, not color of their skin, in other words.

  4. Unless she (xi,xir?) identifies as gender fluid or perhaps as a Snuffleupagus, she won’t get any woke points just being Asian.

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