I could not help myself.

Lately we’ve been having a rash of bomb scares in south Florida. This popped in my FB…

…and my mind immediately went to this.

I may have made a joke, but knowing all the places where Broward County ballots have appeared, it is well within the realm of possibilities I might be right after all.

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  1. They found one “provisional ballot” box at an elementary school, another in the trunk of a rental car at Ft Lauderdale airport. Such boxes, we’re told, are distributed to polling places to hold ballots for which the voters’ identities and registration status have not been verified (and nevermind that the airport is not a polling place; what the box was doing there is apparently not important). And both, we’re told, contained “office supplies”, the ballots having already been removed.

    One box was “opened for reporters” and contained no ballots … after having already been inspected by elections officials.

    OK, then.

    Is anyone else seeing a “custody gap” where a corrupt malefactor could insert a few fraudulent ballots? If those “provisional ballots” weren’t found with the boxes, where are they?

    Specifically, where are the extra BLANK ballots that weren’t filled out?

    A properly-designed system should be able to track and account for all used and unused ballots. After all, it’s the unused ones that are dangerous.

    Don’t tell me there weren’t any blank ones, that no polling place didn’t have any extras, or that officials took the time and effort to destroy blank ballots on-site but opted not to retrieve their “office supplies” until later.

    If the goal of Russian hackers during the 2016 election was to undermine voter confidence in electoral systems, they need to take a few pointers from Broward County.

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