I is currently 12 degrees where I live in New Hampshire.

This is the temperature downstairs in my house.


That’s right, 55.4 fucking degrees.

That’s what happens when heating oil hits $5 per gallon.

Fuck Joe Biden and fuck everyone who voted for him.

I’m sorry you were offended by the mean Tweets and locker room bro talk about pussy grabbing, but did that reall justify making heating oil go from $1.25/gal to $5/gal?

Becacuse now if I dont want to spend $1,000 pee month on heating oil (January was $600), my house is a refrigerator.


When I buy I’m putting in a wood burning heater because I can get unlimited pallets for free.

I’m tempted to build a sand thermal battery but I need to secure permission for an outdoor fire pit which means I need a letter from my landlord that I can take to the local fire department.

The plan is to use a 55 gal burn barrel (I can get that for free), a 35 gal metal wash tub, 100 lbs of playground sand, and a heat driven stove fan.  Total cost, about $75.

Then I fill the burn barrel outside with free pallet wood, put the tub of sand on it and light it.  Get the sand up to about 500F.  Carry it inside (with the wife’s help) and set it down on some concrete blocks on top of a piece of MDF in the corner of the living room.  Set the stove fan on the sand, and let all the heat stored in the sand bleed off into the house as it cools.

By my math, that’s about 8,000 BTUs of stored heat.

It’s not perfect but the fuel is free, the capital investment is less than 15 gal of oil, and it should take the edge off cold.



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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “I could really go for some mean Tweets right now”
  1. There wasn’t one single areas of my life that was negatively affected by a Trump Presidency. In fact just the opposite occurred. I had almost four years of significant financial gains across the board. And the leftist liberal associates which I deal with regularly all accused me of selling-out my morals for the most immoral president in USA history–their words.
    Today these same people have one response/reaction when I voice something similar to this post; a smile and a condescending statement asserting that ‘now you’re living in reality and now you know what it feels like to be like the rest of us’. They love the fact that I hate the way this nation is going, they celebrate it, as if they won a contest and a prize–my contempt for this Obama-Biden administration and my vocal objection to it is their prize.
    They are happy that America is now paying, literally, for all the injustices of the past—their view. They even proudly proclaim that paying more for fuel makes us live in reality that the rest of the world faces and has faced for years.
    There is nothing you can do with the level of brainwashing that has been accomplished across this nation. If they read this post, they’d feel euphoric.

    1. There is nothing you can do with the level of brainwashing that has been accomplished across this nation.

      Until something transits their skull at approximately 3000 fps.

  2. hahah… thanks for the memories, J.Kb I know your pallet supply, my old man used to load his 72 dodge challenger to the gunnels with pallets once a week while he was at Franklin Pierce in the 80’s… me and my brother would help (aka slave labor) when we were visiting. good times!

  3. I sympathize. With the weather this cold, it gets miserable. We have poncho liners over the deck doors to keep the breeze/cold out and the heat in, and we use the wood stove when we can (though wood is expensive, too). But 55 is better than 35. We’re not in the Ukraine, where it’s this cold AND people are shooting at them and bombing the place. I have a wonderful partner to snuggle, healthy kids, and “enough”.
    It’s tempting to get down over things when costs rise. Time to learn how to grow a garden, butcher a chicken, lime eggs, do with less. I don’t LIKE it… but I get it. I try really hard to focus on the good things. Family. Friends. Lovers. A roof over my head and a full larder. It could be worse (and that is NOT a challenge issued to the universe).

      1. David, sorry, I was writing that during a down moment in an otherwise busy day. It did not come across very clearly. Even to myself LOL…
        I get being upset and angry over the price of fuel. Over the need to economize all the time. Over the position of having to decide whether I’m going to drive or walk somewhere. Over whether to wait until spring or build my outdoor kitchen/cook area now. It’s easy to let all those things get us down. It’s not even unreasonable that they DO get us down.
        But being down doesn’t fix it. Voting… voting fixes it (or begins to, one would hope). Focusing on what I *can* do, that helps fix it. Learning skills helps. I can’t go out there and fix the government. And while I agree that prices would be lower with Trump, I don’t think they’d be as low as others are assuming. I also can’t know that lower prices would be for the right reasons (are we using up long-term stores that should be kept sacrosanct, for instance?). I think the way things are moving would have happened no matter who got in. I just think the choice of who’s in office is a tiny factor in a large problem.

        1. Thanks, Hagar, for the reply. I thought that was what you meant by, “I get it”. I certainly agree with everything you said here…. but the part on things being different if Trump would have had a second term.
          The current administration for instance, ended the energy policies in place. This resulted in much higher energy prices which would not have occurred under the Trump energy policies. And you and I would not be conversing on J.Kb’s reasonable and factual complaint of extremely high energy prices.
          When the USA was the highest producing energy nation on earth everything dependent on energy was much cheaper. Now we are again dependent on foreign nations for a much higher percentage of our energy requirements. Thus, heating oil went from $1.25 to $5.00 per gallon. A huge increase which would not have happened but for the current administration.
          Other than that main point, you, awa, and myself could have a great afternoon using energy in the hills of my old home grounds of N.H. but the hell with the main point let’s just do it anyway. I sure do miss white-water canoeing after a two-day rain up there.
          Additional thought: I’m not persuaded that ‘Voting’ has not been compromised to the point where corruption can’t prevail unchecked. I believe the leftist have constructed a system by which the Electoral College system can be circumvented legally. A court of law cannot validate or invalidate a mail-in ballot. Fraud is no longer legally provable.
          I hope you’re right that voting is one of the methods through which change can occur, and I hope I’m wrong, but I fear that will not be the case. We’ll see in the next presidential election.

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