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8 thoughts on “I didn’t go far enough”
  1. its called a distraction.. liberals are losing everywhere more and more. push the narrative, push the narrative… at least this moron only took himself out… i wonder how many “friends “ agree with him

  2. So, explain this to me.
    There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that places Jews in that area millennia before the term palestine was ever uttered. And, certainly long before islam first began to blight the planet.
    And, somehow Israel is a colonist/settler state?
    Am I missing something?

    1. There’s something about how Hebrews were given that land (or Joshua’s armies stole it from its original owners by force, depending on who you ask), but then for some reason they left it and Muslims claimed it in the Jews’ absence during their expansion. Then it becomes a matter of “Whose claim is more legitimate?”
      I’m not saying I agree with it, but a lot of people think the Muslims’ claim is more valid because they were the last ones to settle there on their own efforts; that Israel was “created” in 1948 when the Brits turned their colony over to them and left, so the Jews’ claim is artificially manufactured, not historical. Alternatively, the Jews’ claim is less valid because they conquered and colonized it (key terminology there) after the Exodus from Egypt — complete with multiple genocides — before moving to Europe and letting the Muslims have it.
      (That still doesn’t account for the Hebrews gaining and holding it millennia before the Prophet Mohammed sat in a cave writing his genocide-justification thesis, but hey, that’s pre-history and not important, right? Or that if Muslims controlled it during their expansion, it’s far more likely because they conquered and colonized it by eradicating the Jews — “moving to Europe” was more like “driven to Europe by an unnamed genocidal force” — but hey, it’s OK when they do it, right?)
      Just my $0.02.

    2. It has nothing to do with who got there first or conquered it when. Israel is a western society — so it must be destroyed. Both the trans-national socialists and the Muslims agree on that.

  3. “Hey so I am not Palestinian an [sic] am in no position to endorse or condemn Hamas’ actions. That being said, neither are most people, and there are a lot of very confidently ignorant opinions being thrown around.”
    “So here’s my confidently ignorant opinion in which I fully endorse Hamas’ actions!”
    Honestly, do these people even read what they write before they hit Post?
    When I post something here, what you see is the end result of me writing down my thoughts, re-reading it, editing and proofreading to the best of my ability, re-reading it again, changing a few words here and there to make myself clearer (and re-editing and -proofreading again), deciding for the 20th time that I REALLY DO want to say something about this … and then finally hitting “REPLY”. (And them sometimes hitting “Click to Edit” … and repeating the process in 5 minutes or less.)
    Does nobody else do that anymore?

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