I saw Miguel’s post Miguel’s Hit and Run: Bottoms would be spanked off till raw flesh.


There was a news story in a Tweet in that thread.

Teenager arrested following video of ‘horrific incident’ at West Brook High School, Councilman Mike Getz says

This is the most important part:

“This is not his first rodeo,” Getz said. “He has been arrested before, but current state and federal law allow these offenders back on campus after a relatively short stay at a juvenile detention facility.”

This kid has already been to juvie. So he’s gonna go in and out of jail and prison until he kills someone and goes away for life or gets killed while doing something stupid by a cop, CCW, or another thug.

Why let him hurt people in the meantime?

Honestly, I’m of the opinion that we cut to the end and toss him in the ground now.

Compassion is good, but being stupid is not.

There is no amount of spanking that will reform him.

We have a very good idea of what his future holds.  Why not act on it accordingly and spare innocent people suffering.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “I disagree with Miguel on spankings”
  1. I wonder if this kid-bully has ever had what he dishes out. He is clearly much larger and older than his victim and he’s got back-up support from other bullies which hang out with him. I think if someone broke more than one bone in his face and gave him the gift of a compound fracture of his arm and or leg, he’d change. But then again, he’d probably just resort to a firearm in the future because of his new physical disabilities…. because his mind is already too deteriorated. But even so, a severe brutal beating of twice the level he dishes out, would be reasonable for his kind.

    1. Sounds reasonable, break a few parts the first time, a lot of parts the second time, six feet down the third time. But this country stopped effective punishment decades ago.

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