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I can’t buy groceries for a family of four for under $175/week.  Most weeks are creeping up on $200.  I was buying the same stuff for $100 maybe $125 in 2020.

It costs me $65 to fill up a 13 gallon tank on a compact car.  I’ve pretty much stopped driving my pickup because it’s too expensive to fill a 26 gallon tank at 13 mpg.

I don’t care if it’s Trump or DeSantis or whomever.

If a president can bring gas, milk, and chicken breast back under $1.79 per gallon or pound, he can appoint himself God Emperor of the United States and level DC into a parking lot for all I care.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “I do not give a f*ck about Jan 6”
  1. The beauty of all this is doesnt just affect us deplorables.. stupid liberals are paying high prices too. This too shall pass….. someday

  2. “….level DC into a parking lot…”

    Well, if that’s the best we can do, OK, then, we’ll take it, but what happened to the “smoking radioactive crater” concept ?

    1. Because a parking lot would serve more purpose than the current ruling body.
      Though I’m pretty sure a ham sandwich would win, too.

  3. 13 mpg in your truck? You’ve got a hemi right? I’m cranking out 17.6 in my 1500 hemi. You doing a lot of in town driving?

      1. Ok, you’re getting pretty good mileage then… do you need the 2500? Or would a half ton work? You can get more fuel efficient ratios on 1500s. But sometimes you gotta have the bigger truck.

        1. Heh. My wife talked me into buying a Dodge 3500 dually because she wanted us to get a fifth wheel RV and we wanted something that could haul one. So I bought it. Now I can’t afford the RV — or to buy diesel for the pickup. I think I’ve driven it 500 miles in six months. But the 8 foot bed is nice for hauling topsoil and lumber.

          1. Bet you could sell it for a profit right now and downsize to a 1500 and get better mileage.

            1. A friend of mine bought a $70,000 Ford diesel pickup less than 6 months ago. Lost his job, couldn’t afford the payments, so sold it back to the dealer for $90,000 last week. Used vehicle prices are insane. My little van blue booked at 4000 two years ago, now it blue books at $9500. Insane.

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