By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “I don’t like Chardonnay but this is one hell of an ad”
  1. Wow.

    I really hope this doesn’t become a BRCC part 2.

    Re Chardonnay, I can’t speak to this brand as I’ve never tried it. My main objection to most chardonnays is they’re over-oaked … kinda tastes like chewing on a 2×4. But that’s a choice made by the winemaker; a different aging regimen (e.g. more time in steel barrels, less in toasted oak barrels) will reduce the “lumbericity” to tolerable levels.

  2. And Chardonnay will get cancelled in 3….2….1…..

    I doubt any GOP’er would have the courage to put out an ad like that. Trump gave them temporary spines but those are turning to jelly again.

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