I was curious what was going on in Brunei when I read Miguel’s post.

Tariq Nasheed is a racist, a Progressive, is aligned with black Islamism (similar to the Nation of Islam but not as organized), and is most famous for writing several books for men about how to scam women into sleeping with them.

This is the guy who claimed that the Pulse Nigh Club shooter was a white supremacist.

Now that I know what is going on in Brueni, that makes this insane hysteria from Tariq Nasheed even more obtuse.


Please, show me where in the law it is legal for a white person to do that.

I really want to see where that is codified, and not in violation of the 14th Amendment, every civil rights act, or every hate crime law.

It really doesn’t matter because the point is, America is awful and radical Islam isn’t.

If this seems extreme, it’s not.  Nasheed is a frequently heard voice in Social Justice circles.

There is no reason or rationality here, just hatred, and he tells young people how to vote.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “I don’t think that’s the law”
  1. Hate laws and civil rights laws are really irrelevant. I just looked up the murder statute in my state and it says nothing about the color of the offender or the victim. It just says “Whoever . . . kills another person . . . shall be guilty . . .” and goes on from there. I’m sure this is the norm.

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