My wife took the kids to Sunday (Hebrew) school.

She stopped to get gas and this is what she texted me:


I remember not much more than a year ago when filling up her SUV cost less than $30.

A buddy of mine who still lives in Alabama sent me this:


But it’s not just Red states.

These are going up across the country, even in places like New York City, faster than gas station attendants can take them down.

The interviews from a New York Post article on gas prices are incredible:

Decals of a finger-pointing President Biden, with the words “I did that!” in big, bold print, have been appearing on fuel pumps across the country — including New York City — as gasoline prices skyrocket.

“I just know everything he’s been doing since he took office has been going downhill. Bring Trump back,” said Harold Frost, 29, of the Upper West Side. “My car has been parked the whole week because of this. I took the train, but it’s dangerous now on the train. You gotta be careful.”

That’s a fucking choice, go broke filling your tank or risk getting mugged and murdered on the subway.

Mayor Melendez, 20, of Brooklyn, said he’ll have to make budget cuts elsewhere to fill up his Toyota RAV4

“I just spent $47, and that was only half a tank,” he said. “I usually go out to eat on the weekends, and now I can’t do that.”

Food or gas.

Of course food prices are going up.

I wonder what will happen when it takes $100 to fill up a midsize car and a loaf of bagged sliced sandwich bread is $5.

When middle Americans are paying to make PB&J what they used to pay to make burgers.

When it takes one day’s wages of every work week just for the gas to drive to work.

I don’t see it stating peaceful.

That level of crushing, grinding you into the mud, poverty makes a civilization unstable.

Right now it’s sparky stickers but it’s not going to stay this way forever.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “I don’t think things will stay peaceful”
  1. I just don’t know where it’s going to come to a head.

    Probably somewhere that is already expensive now.

    It doesn’t need to get that much worse to push some people over the edge.

    I just want everyone to keep it together long enough for me get my can.

  2. Every pump anywhere near me has those stickers and/or the remnants of the previous fifty or so that were removed, and I’m in a county of my state that is “reliably” blue. Unfortunately, whether we voted that way or not.

    I don’t know. The fact that the crap hasn’t hit the fan yet after all we’ve already been through doesn’t bode well. We’re well past the tar and feather stage at this point by any measure of the past. The fact that we haven’t got even close to doing anything by now only means it will get much, much worse before the corks start popping. Which is made even more apparent by the fact that the people at the so-called “top” are still going full speed ahead towards driving us all into the ground.

  3. I’m very lucky to still be working from home. At current prices locally ($3.49), it’s almost $150 to fill up my truck. If I was going to the office daily, I would be spending almost $600 a month just in gas.

    Folks who have to commute or drive for their job are getting crushed.

  4. Revolutions traditionally started when parents saw their children were cold, hungry, and dying. Sometimes it is because there is no food, usually it is because they cannot afford the food that is available. America produces so much food, so what possibly go wrong? All farmers need is seed, sunlight, water, and a lot of fertilizer.

    What will be farm yields without fertilizer?
    Natural Gas prices are going up, just like gasoline prices. Ammonia and Nitrogen Fertilizer is made from natural gas. Fertilizer plants will stop operating if natural gas prices go too high.

    1. Natural Gas is also used to make explosives (eg Nitropril) for the mining industry, using the same process for making fertiliser.
      The lack of natural gas is going to affect quite a few industries…

  5. The Left has lost the Meme War, and that’s a good thing. Wokeism isn’t exciting and avant-garde anymore; it’s not the hip thing the kids do to be rebellious. It’s the tired, stale old people thing that the actual funny people make fun of, the thing the prune faced, self righteous Puritans push to keep fun from happening. It’s the shopworn & tired Establishment Party Line that most people pay public lip service to, but mock in private.
    Wokeism may not be dead yet, but it’s beginning to smell funny.

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