A new policy from Elizabeth Warren announced on Twitter.

I’m an economic patriot.  I agree with her, more American companies should do more hiring and manufacturing in America.

So what is Warren going to do to encourage companies to do that?

Will she abolish the corporate income tax?

How about abolishing the NLRB?

Will she deregulate the healthcare industry to reduce the cost of insurance on employers?

One thought that I have had to encourage companies to hire in areas of the country that have suffered from a loss of jobs is to defer payroll taxes on employees hired in economically depressed areas.  So if a company buys a shuttered factory in rural Indiana or Ohio or Michigan, a typical rust belt town, and puts locals back to work, they will not have to pay payroll tax on those employees for some period of years proportional to the level of economic depression of that area, i.e., the poorer it is, the longer they can defer payroll tax.

Will she invest in infrastructure, such as roads, to help economically depressed areas attract companies.

Will she reduce the burden of environmental regulations on manufacturing?

Will she make it easier to drill, mine, refine, and build?


She endorses the Green New Deal.  She wants to force companies to comply with more restrictive environmental regulations.  She wants to mandate the use of more expensive 100%  renewable energy sources.  She wants to tax companies that make over $100 Million to pay for green energy subsidies.  She wants to increase taxes for healthcare spending.

Pretty much every one of her economic proposals will make is more economically disadvantageous to manufacture and hire in the United States.

So without any carrots to encourage American companies to hire Americans, all she has is sticks.

So what we have here is a bunch of business destroying economic policies wrapped up in something that sounds good.

I agree with Warren that American companies should offshore less and hire Americans more.

I just don’t believe that a business hating, high tax, regulation loving, Left-wing Democrat is the person who can make that happen.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “I don’t think Warren is the one to pull this off”
  1. I like the idea of “deferred X taxes” but I’m not so sure about “deferred payroll taxes.” Last I looked those were hidden costs of employment to the employee.

    I.e. On my paycheck I get an amount deducted and the company pays a matching amount in “payroll taxes”. Come April 15th, I’m filing my taxes and I tell the government “Well, I paid this much in taxes but my employer didn’t pay their part of my income taxes…”

    Not sure how that would all work.

    1. Payroll taxes are a cost to the employer. Payroll taxes are not deducted from your gross income. By deferring payroll taxes, it lowers the cost of employment for employers.

      I’ve also had the thought that this can be a carrot and stick arrangement. I’d like to place payroll taxes on American companies for off-shored workers.

      Essentially, you can hire people in Rust Belt USA and skip 5 years of payroll taxes or you can hire in Mexico and you will have to pay payroll taxes on all those workers to make up for the people you didn’t hire here.

  2. Elizabeth Warren is big on Wealth Taxes. Not Income, Wealth – Property, Stocks, Bonds, Cash, etc.

    Does anyone think that if the costs of being an American Citizen (like 2% of their wealth every year, year after year?) for a Billionaire Zuckerberg or Gates gets too high that they won’t decide being a New Zealander or European is better? They are Globalists with no strong allegiance to America; imagine if they actively hate an America that is taking their wealth? They will leave in a heartbeat. I don’t blame them, I may do the same.

    President Elizabeth Warren would be the greatest gift to China, Iran, Russia, and the EU.

    1. Wealth taxes will never hit the billionaires. It’s about ensuring the middle class can’t pass any wealth to their children.

      1. What do you think killed family farms, costs have gone up preventing anyone from being able to payoff land and equipment in one lifetime. Wealth taxes such as inheritance tax prevents the farm or land from staying in the family.

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