Man accused of shooting 2 teens and killing one in Aurora is a U.S. Space Force sergeant

A 27-year-old Space Force sergeant remained in the Adams County Jail Tuesday on a $500,000 bond. Sgt. Orest Schur is accused of killing one teen and wounding another he believed had been trying to steal a family car.

An affidavit from the case now details some of what happened the night of July 5 at his Aurora home and a few blocks away where police say two teenagers crashed a stolen car Schur fired at as he pursued them.

The series of events began late on July 5 when there were calls from Schur’s wife saying her husband was out after car thieves. It was the third time, she told the 911 call taker, that someone had tried to steal one of their cars, which was a Hyundai Elantra. They had not succeeded in stealing the car, but made two attempts, explained the witness in the affidavit.

She reported hearing shots and a speeding car. Then there was a call from a man who said he had pursued the thieves who had tried to steal his wife’s car. He said he’d been shot at by the thieves. He said he had chased them down and he had shot at them.

They had crashed in the 19500 block of East 58th Circle. He declined to give his name when asked and said he was going back home.

A short time later on the other side of the home where the car crashed they found the fatally wounded teenager, who had been shot in the back and head. The other teen, 13 years old, later showed up at an urgent care for treatment of a gunshot wound to the back and was transferred to Children’s Hospital Colorado.

I get it, thieves had tried to steal his car twice before.

That would absolutely piss me off to the point where I’d like to kill someone.

But you can’t chase people down and shoot them in the back.

I wish you could.  I sincerely wish you could use lethal force in the defense or recovery of stolen property.  That would bring the current crime wave of theft to a dead stop.

But you can’t.

That is not self defense under the law.

One the thieves run away, you can’t chase them.  You become the pursuer and you are the criminal now.

This sergeant fucked up and murdered someone.

My only hope is that the accomplice who took a bullet to the back is also charged with the murder under the felony homicide rule.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “I empathize for this guy but this was a bad shoot”
  1. Its an F’in hyundai….. the make them every day. Lock it up, get a “cover it” tarp garage and put it in there… bad shoot all around. Fubar your life for a cheap import… stupid.

  2. Yep. That is a distinction driven home in both Andrew Branca’s book on self defense law, and Massad Ayoob’s book as well.
    Wish it was different, but it is not.

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