I find it extremely improbable that a woman associated with the victims of the Highland Park shooting in Chicago was visiting family in Nashville just in time for a chool shooting, and was at the right place and time to get on the news.

I suspect rest it is more likely that the blood dancers have a rapid response team that shows up to get on the news in front of these stories.

They saw how effective for their side David Hogg was, and now they want to grab hold of the news as fast as possible.

Maybe I’m just cynical, but this seems planted not organic.

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By J. Kb

18 thoughts on “I find this blood dancers story highly improbable”
  1. Two possibilities here and neither one makes them look good. The tinfoil hat version is that they were there because they knew a shooting was coming. Or your version, where they exploit the murder of children. I refuse to believe they just happened to be there…

  2. Damn, Birdog beat me to it. Exactly right! I believe they (FBI) knew of this insane person and sat back waiting for HER insanity to play-out in real time. And they positioned and paid the perfect person to score more political points for their cause. The pattern has been established; it is an historical fact to a moral certainty.
    The president hiding behind the current president, is the mastermind behind this. It’s got his fingerprints all over it; it has his signature i.e., use their constitutional freedoms against them, triggering an implosion caused by the heavy weight of their combined constitutional freedoms. Let the US Constitution be an albatross around their necks.

    1. I would not be surprised if the FBI, or some other group, actively cultivated this person. I have seen several allegations of the FBI corresponding via social media with teens that have mental issues. I distinctly remember a story from several months ago making that very allegation.
      There is too much about this that is too convenient for the leftists. A bit too convenient. It will be very telling whether the shooter gets memory holed, or whether this turns into a LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER+++++ are being bullied into violent responses.

      1. Joy Reid has already made the following statements on this subject,
        “Tenn., which ironically is the Scopes Monkey Trial state … They now are racing to enact these 1st Amendment-limiting laws to limit things like drag shows. You have rampant book banning. I think Tenn. might be the most book banning state, even more than Fla.”
        and continued,
        “And so they’re essentially saying, it’s too dangerous to allow children to be exposed to a drag show, a drag queen is dangerous to children. These books are dangerous to children. But when it comes to guns, they’re like, no put more guns where children are.”
        It seems she’s asserting that this girl was just doing what conservative republicans forced her to do, in other words, it’s just plain commonsense that this would occur given the level of oppression-injustice this girl believed she was experiencing. I would like to ask Joy if she supports this type of violence because it is a just cause or does she condemn it.

        1. Find Charlie Kirk’s show from today. He’s with Shapiro’s group. He was all over that angle. He calls them the Alphabet Mafia.

        2. If one wanted to attack ones oppressors, why didn’t one attack the legislature or a police station or some such?

          1. Because they’d get ventilated quicker. And terrorists seek to cause fear and chaos, so they target innocent and uninvolved people.

          2. The reason this young adult female, who had a biblical Christian education, attached her former school of that education, is because the woke indoctrination demanded she act against the source of her suffering.
            Now, I firmly believe that the education she received would in fact torment her for the simple reason that the non-heterosexual, non-traditional family lifestyle is an abomination before Jehovah God, which is the God of this religious institution. Her parents, from what I’ve read so far, were in complete despair over daughter’s choice to reject all they had worked so hard to instill in her.
            And there’s no way Joy Reid is going to tell this truth to her leftist viewers. She’ll hide this truth and replace it with a rallying cry to the children of the nation to rise up and remember this martyr through violent protests and criminal activity, using tactful inuendo and semantics to accomplish this mission.
            You see, the leftist can’t implement their agenda through protesting-attacking the legislature or law enforcement. And one could argue that both entities already support them in a majority of the states. So, they are, and have always bypassed the civic channels opting for internal channels instead i.e., the destruction of the nation’s family structure.
            Leftist have been coming for our children for over seventy years, one small step at a time, patiently. They now believe they have close to a majority of this demographic brainwashed enough to respond to the coded innuendo they designed to trigger violence against parents and everyone else who doesn’t comply with their emotions. If they don’t experience full support in whatever they feel is contrary to what came before they were born, they’ll take that as an act of genocide against them, and they’ll justify genocide in return.
            What percentage of the nation’s youth under the age of thirty do you think are in support of non-Christian non-family, non-heterosexual life?
            Most of the men-father’s I know today are affected by this incurable societal disease.

      2. It wasn’t an allegation. It was straight up proven. It was Uvalde, or one of the ones from right before it.

  3. Fascinating.
    A good reporter would be asking, Who are these relatives you’re visiting? Can we speak with them too? When did you arrive? And how far in advance did you plan this trip?

  4. “The silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload. And nobody’s gonna go to school today”….. ring a bell?? Staged? Don’t be silly…
    Liberals are losing the “gun control “ battle…. Makes ya wonder huh?

  5. There is nothing about this shooting that seems organic. Nothing.
    The only thing that I am undecided on is the trans status of the shooter. Not sure if this will get memory holed, or turned into a LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER++++ rights issue.
    There are just too many “convenient” things about this. Granted, there may not be any deliberate action on people other than the shooter, but it is worth looking into.

  6. Reminds me of the 2017 Las Vegas Route 91 shooting at the Harvest Music Festival. Just when it seemed like there was a chance to pull silencers/suppressors from GCA ’34 this shooting happened and that chance dissolved like smoke in a whirlwind.

    In 2019 the FBI declared they could find no reason why the alleged shooter would do such a thing.

    1. AWA: when I try to post a comment through my Opera Browser I get, “Nonce verification failed.”. If I post through FireFox it goes through. Any suggestions?

      1. It is a known issue with WordPress security. It normally self corrects after reloading the page. Sorry but I don’t have a better answer for you.

      1. Just more justifiction for banning arm braces.
        (And, my typo makes more sense than correcting it to justification, so it remains.)

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