Girls snubbed by Sesame Place character ‘shattered’ amid racism allegations

One of the black children who was snubbed by a Sesame Place character is traumatized by the incident, the family’s lawyer said.

One of the young girls is reportedly isolating with their grandmother in an attempt to regain stability, B’Ivory LaMarr, the family’s attorney, told TMZ.

LaMarr said that both girls were overcome with emotion and incredibly upset that they were treated differently than the white child.

“Their hearts were completely shattered by a character,” said LaMarr in an interview with NBC10.

Words can’t describe the type of grief they are going through right now.”

LaMarr said that the move to isolate one of the girls with her grandmother is to help shield her from publicity in a safe environment. The family is also looking into getting the siblings into therapy to help them cope.

According to LaMarr, the family is considering filing a lawsuit against Sesame Place.

The girls were “traumatized.”

One is isolating with her grandmother.

They might have to go to therapy.

The family is considering a lawsuit.

What happened?  How terribly were these girls treated?

We have video:


Some minimum wage seasonal worker in a Muppet fur suit roasting in the summer sun waved the girls off.

We have no idea why.  We haven’t heard from the employee at all.

But sure as shit this is going to be the subject of a Congressional investigation.


We’re in a recession.

Inflation is at record levels.

We have an impending food shortage.

Congress has to investigate a parade character not giving two girls a hug.

I don’t know if it was racism or not that motivated this employee.

What I do know is that everything feels like a scam where any chance to air a public grievance and collect fame and fortune from it is used.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “I f**king hate this timeline”
  1. It isn’t a race thing.
    TV Commercials are full of “Do you have X disease? We can sue Y company for you!”
    Now I have seen some new ones for sexual abuse, and the newest is the contaminated water at Camp LeJuene back in the 1980’s.

  2. “Queens”???? Were they spoiled rotten children? Or drag “queens”…. Hey, welcome to reality were you dont always get what you want….

  3. So here are two people I’d likely never hire. A web search will turn this up, and I wouldn’t want the potential for drama of this magnitude. If not from them, from their family.

  4. Ok, I’m not sure I can do this without getting in trouble from both sides, but here goes. It is sad that two little girls got waved off from getting a high five from a person dressed as a TV show character. Is it tragic, not particularly, no one died or was horribly maimed. Part of growing up is the realization that you don’t always get everything you want when you want it. Yes some adults never learn that lesson (for some reason they tend to go into politics) but the majority do. Considering that the owners of the “Sesame Street” empire is about as woke as is possible I doubt that the actor in the costume was given instructions to snub children of color. Not sure why the actor gave the girls the wave off, but I’ll wager a large sum of money it wasn’t racism. Although in today’s environment, that seems to be the default interpretation. The real tragedy, if there is one, is that the family of these girls, rather than comforting them and going out for an ice cream cone, they were told how traumatized they should be and then being used by their family, the media, and politicians for their respective agendas.

    1. I absolutely agree. Social media has made this worse. Before Tiktok and cellphone cameras that would have happened. Now the temptation to record and post is too high.

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