It is Saint George Floyd of the Blessed Counterfeit Twenty day.  The day he was martyred and for which he was beatified.

Let us pause in our mourning of the children of Uvalde to take a knee and recite the holy words “I can’t breathe.”


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “I forgot it was a holy day in the Leftists calendar”
  1. The “Protests” devolved into full blown riots on Wednesday Night. When the Minneapolis and State Police and MN National Guard did not respond effectively on Wednesday Night? People started looting a Target ten miles away in Saint Paul Midway on a Thursday Afternoon at 1:30.

    Looting in broad daylight is usually considered a A HUGE FREAKING CLUE!

    Our gutless MN Governor Walz and the Saint Paul Mayor and Jacob Boy Wonder Frey the Minneapolis Mayor didn’t call in the MN National Guard after one night of violent, destructive riots, looting and arson. They didn’t call in the MN NG after the second night of riots. They did not even call in the call in the MN NG after THREE NIGHTS of Riots.

    It took until Saturday Morning to send in the MN NG and every badged MN LEO including game wardens and corrections officers. IOW Walz panicked and sent in everyone he could think of. The fact that President Trump was threatening to send in the 82nd and other troops after Friday Night’s Riots might, maybe just might have had something to do with MN Governor Walz finally actually DOING SOMETHING!

    And amazingly, the riots stopped Saturday Afternoon when the National Guard showed up en masse in Minneapolis and Saint Paul MN. The arson stopped. The looting stopped. And real peaceful protests and marches continued.

  2. Also, yesterday was Towel Day: a day to remember the importance of being prepared for anything, and to celebrate with Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters (but never more than two of them).

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