Democrats: “DeSantis won’t let us talk to kids in school about sexuality and gender so we’re doing put in our gayest rainbow pride parade costumes and sing ‘gay’ in the Capitol.”

Normies: “Is that what they want to do with our kids in school? Fuck that noise. Sign the bill!”


Every time a Leftist puts on a pride costume and talks to a child about alternative sexual orientations a normie thinks about buying a woodchipper.

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “I fully endorse this tactic”
  1. Be as gay/trans/whatever as you want. i don’t care. But when teachers unions hold workshops on how to hide ‘secret clubs’ from parents and ‘stalk’ kids online to try and convert them, that’s going to be an issue.

    1. I am bisexual. My husband is a bisexual transman. My eldest daughter, nearly sixteen, identifies as a lesbian. My youngest is only twelve and not quite sure about romance or anything… But is pretty sure she’s bi (or about as sure as one can be at that age). As parents, we’ve always been very open about talking about these topics with our kids and encourage them to ask us about anything….

      So, bear all that in mind when I say that any teachers or school staff members who pulled that sort of shit with my kids would be lucky if the only thing we did was sue them for every penny they ever earned.

      It’s just straight-up paedophile grooming is what it is.

      1. And even more jacked up is that it’s going to hurt folks like you and your husband in that people will look back at what the ultra-right wing was saying back in the 70’s/80’s…. “They’re coming for your kids”… And that will be broad brushed across the board.

  2. The law that they all have their tits in an uproar about would prevent teachers and schools from discussing homosexuality and transgenderism with children from K through 3. That is 5 five through 9 year olds. They are protesting so they can’t talk about sucking dick to an nine year old kid.

    1. Well, you *do* have a point.

      Let’s compromise: Makarovs on the steps of the local courthouse: that work for yeh? :

  3. Always amusing how the left takes a super-simplistic description of something and acts as if that’s reality. Kids; the bill doesnt really ban saying “gay”.

    1. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. They’re going to push that talking point to the public and it will become ‘fact’.

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