From a diversity education indoctrination HR mandate at Home Depot:


I’m confident, due to several appellate and Supreme Court cases, that the police do not exist to protect me.

I’m pretty sure that they exist as a tool of revenue generation by enforcement of malum prohibitum laws for the purpose of levying fines.

So, I guess, from this sheet, I don’t have white privilege.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “I guess I don’t have white privilege then”
  1. I’d say it’s our one sheet “why Home Depot doesn’t need my business” primer.
    I don’t think I ever thought the police were there to protect me. They were there to punish us, or for revenue generation. You know; speed traps, parking tickets. Or that time in high school when a cop caught a friend of mine who had cracked open a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red for a quick taste and made him pour it out on the ground.

    1. This is NOT from the Home Depot. I work for them. This is a scam. Home Depot is one of the few places that supports veterans and EVERYONE.

  2. So, they’re making the assumption that all minorities are criminals then?
    There’s no racism like Woke Racism!

  3. Guys!!! I work for the Home Depot!! This is NOT from them. I have taken ALL thier required courses and none of this is in any of them. I would like to know who has this original.

        1. Some local or regional HR manager wanting to go above and beyond?

          We see it with teachers all the time. The school doesn’t authorize it but the teacher turns her classroom into a Pride Parade.

          1. But if corporate, or the school administration/school board in the school case, doesn’t object and stop it, then it is tacit approval of the move.

      1. I wonder if Home Depot Canada is under the US mothership?

        This may be due to some policy requirement spun by Lil’ Castro’s Government, and not via Corporate.

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