There is a trend in the gun community that I fucking loathe with a burning passion.

The celebration of gun e-thots.

I grew up watching Shooting USA on Saturday mornings with my dad.

I was inspired by guys like Tom Knapp, Jerry Miculek, and Bob Munden. I loved the exhibition shooters.

Today, what I get hit with on YouTube and Twitter is shit like this.

She is an OnlyFans internet porn star who also likes guns.

She doesn’t shoot well. She turns ammo into recoil that makes her jiggle.

Then she posts just dangerous as fuck stunts like this.

Her head is downrange of the muzzle and in the way of the muzzle blast without adequate hearing protection. But it’s sexy, so it gets millions of views and is monetized.

Gun culture should be disgusted by this, instead it’s cheered on by the tactical gun-bro crowd.

Call me a boomer Fudd all you want, but if this is the new gun culture, I want nothing to do with it.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “I hate gun culture 2.0+ so much”
  1. unless its a video from a known PROFESSIONAL in the gun world I don’t even give it a second glance. this is the garbage we are subjected to by social media. clown shows like this do nothing to strengthen our fight. and morons who watch this garbage on a regular basis are part of the problem (wow! look at the tits!!). its another distraction and another reason anti Freedom tyrants use against us….. end of rant..

    1. “Science gets more fun when I get a bigger gun.”
      I certainly hope we can still enjoy Kari… To the topic of this video, all I can do is mirror another commentator:

      “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?”

  2. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

    I’m starting to think possession of a video camera should be controlled by a “may issue….or maybe not” CWP-like process that involves IQ testing and the involved community voting on whether or not this Joe or Jane can be trusted out of the house without a minder.

    Of course, we’d be left with nothing but cat videos, but…….

  3. Honestly I don’t see a lot of these sort of people being celebrated or being very popular. All the big popular channels are almost all dudes on top of it; c&aresenal is the only one with a chick i can think of off hand. Maybe I’m just in the wrong age demographic now?
    I also would remind there are a lot of these channels are more casual with filming in front of the muzzle these days. 10 years ago they would be endlessly lambasted for some of the in front of the muzzle filming they do these days. It doesn’t make it right, but it isn’t just isolated to gun bunnies.
    I kinda feel like this is your old man yells at clouds thing.

  4. Well, that was effing stupid.
    “But I get to wear a tight shirt and stick my ass up in the air!” doesn’t make it less so. ‘Advanced shooting technique’, bullshit.

  5. Her head is downrange of the muzzle and in the way of the muzzle blast without adequate hearing protection.
    All the more reason suppressors should be de-listed from the NFA. (Not that her channel would use one; they also tend to reduce recoil somewhat — there would be more safety but less jiggle, and we know which she depends on.)
    At least, that’s the pro-gun-rights point of view. The antis point at crap like this and (somehow) conclude that suppressors should NOT be de-listed, because reasons (oh, and we should also ban these high-powered “sniper rifles”, because other reasons).

  6. On of many reasons why I’m glad to have purged my social media of most gun related stuff (outside of a couple revolver groups because revolvers, a couple trainers I know/trained with, and a few of the meme pages) and almost every blog I read after I left the gun industry as a profession. Nuked everything from Primary & Secondary on down to the third that would randomly show up in my feed.
    Life on the internet, the hellscape it may be, is so much better without it. Now it’s just old tractors, old revolvers, gardening, and Roadkill-level crap box project cars.
    And I would say that you couldn’t pay me to get on twitter, but that would be a lie. You would; however, have to pay me enough to go on there that I would rival Elon for ownership.

  7. Now to be fair, years ago I watched a Russian sniper training video where one of the positions was a guy on his back , folded up, w/ his knees by his ears and ass up in the air. The guy w/ the rifle used the first one’s butt crack as a stabilizer.

    Stupidest thing I’d seen in quite a while.

  8. OK, I am not automatically opposed to gun bunny videos. If it gets people into the shooting sports, fine.
    However, I am ADAMANTLY opposed to this crap where rules of safety (and hearing protection) are… not necessarily ignored, but taken too casually.
    Knowingly placing your head downrange from muzzle flash and a lack of adequate hearing protection system is the wrong message.
    Now, is there possibly a situation where you will need to use your partner’s butt crack to stabilize your rifle? Yeah… there might be (right… sure, OK, if you say so…). But, there is no justification for doing so other than to demonstrate her… assets.
    And, yes, this can and will be used against the gun (and hunting) community for further gun control measures.

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