I never thought I’d agree with Trevor Noah on anything but he’s mostly right about this.


This was the topic of my post from last week British experts are just as dumb as American experts.

Now I’m not going to go as far as Noah as using this as a cudgel to bash white people as racists.

I will use this as a cudgel to bash reporters as being sine of the stupidest and most poorly educated people on TV.

As I mentioned before, there were wars in Europe within my lifetime, the Balkans and Northern Ireland to be specific.

The Cold War ended when I was a child, and until it did, US military units were on patrol in Germany preparing for the Soviets to roll tanks through Checkpoint Charlie into West Berlin.

It takes a supreme level of ignorance to think that the relative peace in Central Europe for the last 30 years is anything but an aberration in the history of Europe.

Our media has the memory of a goldfish.

What Noah left out is that the rest of the world that these morons assume is where war takes place have been every bit as violent, if not more so, than Europe.  The only difference is that they didn’t have thirty years of relative peace.

The RUF in Sierra Leone, Rwanda, and African Brush Wars were fought through the 90s and into modern day.

The Sunny and Shia have been in a continuous state of war since 632 AD.

Personally, I believe that any reporter who says something I’ve this should be fired for their historical ignorance and put to work cleaning up vagrant shit on public streets with a toothbrush.


Because I feel dirty agreeing with Trevor Noah, I feel the need to be contrary to him.


I may be wrong but I don’t believe that the Ukrainian refugees are mostly unemployed military age men or that they will be stabbing the locals while shouting Allah Akbar, throwing hand grenades at police, grooming underage girls for sex, trafficking in child brides, or shitting on the streets.

Maybe the Bulgarian Prime Minister can say that part out loud too.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “I hate him but he’s mostly right”
  1. There was a low level Guerilla War in the Eastern Ukraine since 2014, when the Orange Revolution overthrew a Russian Sympathizing President. Remember the “Little Green Men” in Crimea? A guerilla war started in the same freaking Donbas Provinces that Putin wanted to declare independent. The “Ukrainian Rebels” are Russian Speaking Ukrainians and Russians financed by Mother Russia and supported with Russia Tanks, Artillery and SAMs driven across the Russian – Ukrainian Border often by Russian Mercenaries, all paid for by peace loving Vladimir Putin’s Russia
    Pretty hard to miss that little war when the “rebels” shoot down a Maylaysian Airliner at 30,000 feet with a Russian SAM that is seen motoring back to Russia across the Ukrainian border an hour later.

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