I have a better response

I watched Tucker’s show last night.  Tucker Carlson wasn’t hosting it, he was on vacation, but he was interviewed about the Antifa event at his house.

It was the kind of response that you’d expect from a talk show host.

Here’s mine:

To the members of Antifa.  You can gather outside my house and scream at my family.  Your words will not intimidate me.  If, however, you attempt to enter my home and harm my family, I will shoot you in your masked face with a shotgun.  Sticks and stone may break my bones but a 12 gauge will fuck your day up.”

I ain’t pussyfooting around with these assholes.  Let them know where they stand.

7 Replies to “I have a better response”

  1. Tucker should hire some investigators to find these people and make their lives miserable.

    Do you know your employee dresses in black and harasses people in their homes? Do you support this terrorist behavior?

    If he or any of the others they doxxed were my neighbor, I would be buying lots of exterior lights and cameras. I would also ask if any other neighbors would agree to counter protest if Klantifa shows up.

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