I fucking hate Johnny Joey Jones.


I can’t imagine the trauma that comes from surfing an injury that causes both legs to be amputated.

But that motherfucker has turned it into his own personal seven figure brand.

It’s like watching Cotton Hill from King of the Hill.  But in real life.

“They took my legs.”

He has a book, a coloring book, a podcast, a speaking tour, and a job on Fox News as a commentator and all of it is about how he got his legs blown off for this county.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is, somehow he ties if back to getting his legs blown off.

He’s gotten ridiculous milage off the legs he doesn’t have anymore.

He’s like David Hogg, everything gets tied back to Parkland.

He’s the fucking David Hogg of IEDs.

He’s the final boss of wounded vet bro culture.

Thank you for your service, here’s your disability check, now please. for the love of God, have something else to say.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “I have a confession to make”
  1. HAs he come out claiming civilians “dont need an AR15?? F’in victim virtual signal dumbfuk. Guys like this give veterans a bad name.

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