Why the sudden need to target Catholic churches? The position has been the same for eons and I do not recall seeing any special church influence on the leaked SCOTUS document.

My second question is: How come there were no protests in mosques? Muslim faith is as “restrictive” as Catholic faith when it comes to abortion, but they never get challenged about that, how come?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

21 thoughts on “I have a couple of questions about the Pro Abortion Protests”
  1. they showed a lot more “care” in the way they handled them than I would have. one of the main reasons why I moved to the woods is to get away from nuts like that. it not like the people there have anything to do with making the decision about it.
    so why fuck with them ? or is it that they are a easy target because of what they believe.
    like the Peta clowns never go near a biker bar or any place else where someone might stand up to them ?
    one of these days though, I get the feeling “they, the left clowns ” will fuck with the wrong person or group.

    1. Correct. Also, they can’t show up to mosques in the Handmaid’s Tale Halloween costumes. They would have to show up in burkas and that violates another libtard rule about cultural appropriation. Comparing Catholics to a made up fictional fundamentalist sect who takes over the US is much more palatable.

  2. It’s odd they view this specifically as a Catholic thing. Notwithstanding the theological decay of some of the mainline Protestant denominations, most churches are ardently pro-life, as abortion isn’t compatible with true Christianity. I haven’t heard about them disrupting Southern Baptist services, non-denominational Evangelical churches, or Orthodox Divine Liturgies, for example. It’s just directed at the Catholics.

    1. Or Latter-Day Saints. The Mormon church’s view on abortion is restrictive enough that if a Mormon woman has one she’ll be excommunicated. And anyone who wishes to join the church must be interviewed, and one of the questions for a lady is whether she’s ever had an abortion. And as far as I know, that’s a deal-breaker; a “yes” answer will probably be denied.

      I’d say the LDS view on this is pretty darn clear.

      What will be interesting to see if Chuck Schumer succeeds in bringing it to a Senate vote, is which way RINO Mitt Romney votes and how he justifies it. Or if he cops out and votes “Present”.

  3. I love how they want to get up in people’s faces, but then all of a sudden “don’t touch me” or “get you hands off me”. Uh huh. Get up in other people’s faces, there’s going be some contact. And don’t pretend to be a “victim” when it happens.

  4. Did anyone throw a bucket of Holy Water on them?
    Did they burst into flame or did their skin start melting away?

    Maybe have an Exorcist perform an exorcism on the protesters next time?

  5. Someone might remember what Peter did, and lop off an ear of one of the bad guys. Then after that the priest might say “that’s enough of that, you can stand down now”. 🙂

  6. I would like to make one point here that seems to be getting overlooked. I personally am not for or against abortion. That is a decision that as a man I will never have to make. What I am opposed to is using taxpayer money to provide abortions and more so, I am opposed to having anyone attempt to force me to agree with their position on the matter.
    Roe v Wade was never law. The Court overreach is about to be corrected as it should be on this and any other matter where no legitimate, Constitutional requirement is involved.
    And if the screaming left wants to get in my face about it, someone is going to emergency and/or someone is going to jail.

    1. That’s the part I don’t get. Roe v. Wade is not law, nor did it “create” a Constitutional “right”.

      At most it barred States from blanket prohibiting the procedure, which was a dramatic overreach of judicial authority.

      Correcting this and overturning Roe v. Wade doesn’t suddenly ban abortion. It merely returns the authority to allow, regulate, and/or prohibit it to where the 9th and 10th Amendments say it should have been all along: the States, and the People thereof.

      Some States’ legislatures (like mine) will move to draft laws allowing abortions, with varying guidelines and oversight. Other States will leave it up to the voters by ballot initiative or petition. Whether you agree with allowing it or not, this is the correct level at which to address the issue.

      The outrage, really, is that someone who has no problem traveling across the country to buy a car they like, might have the inconvenience of going to the next State for this “critical women’s health care” procedure.

  7. While it’s a,struggle to stick my head far enough up my ass to think like a wokester at guess the Catholic Church gets targeted because it’s their traditional bogeyman and some Supreme Court justices are practicing Catholics. Conversely the Evangelicals don’t get attacked because they tend to have armed security and will gladly deliver a cloud of blessed bear spray. Islam always gets a free pass because they are fellow travelers in destroying Western Civilization and the,wokesters have no idea what an Orthodox Church is.

  8. to answer your first question, the folks targeting the churches are immature enough to think shocking is the same thing as clever.
    The second question is because the peaceful muslims would not tolerate any of this BS. Not only would they kick your sorry infidel ass for stepping into a mosque, odds are you might end up dead. It is much safer to target the ultra violent right wing catholics.

  9. It’s not justified; I’ve read the opinion and religion is not an issue. It’s well-reasoned and thorough (entirely unlike Roe, by the wat).

    But the issue here is the religion of the justices. 6 of the nine, including all five of the assumed majority, are either Catholic or raised Catholic and now practices Episcopalian (Gorsuch). Roberts, Barrett, Alito, and Thomas are all Catholic. To be fair, Sotomayor, who presumably will dissent from the expected ruling, is also Catholic.

    So that’s why these thugs and miscreants are attaching Catholic churches. Sophisticated thinking, huh?

    1. Send it back to the states. They can poll their citizens and decide the laws of their individual state. It will be messy at first, and eventually in the next 49 years the states will settle their own laws, rules, and morality.

      I bet 48 of the 50 will either ban it entirely or follow the European model of abortion before the 16th or 20th week. California will probably go absolutely insane and try to allow post partum abortion (Infanticide) up to the second birthday.

      1. They are way ahead of you. California currently has legislation in the pipeline that will allow exoneration from criminal/civil charges for the death of a perinatal baby due to negligence. Basically, a woman can have a baby, set the child down in the basement and let it die, and that’s ok. I believe the “perinatal” part requires the baby be murdered in the first 45 days after birth for the mother to escape charges. Maryland tried this recently, but failed. California is run apparently run by the sons of satan, so I expect this to be law soon.

  10. Pro-abortion protesting in a place of worship where {most} of the congregation is vehemently opposed.
    It doesn’t get much more evil than that. Pray for them.

  11. Liberals are grotesque subhuman monsters? What else is new?

    Anyone remember the transparently bullshit story about ‘mass graves’ which was used to excuse arson attacks on dozens of Canadian churches?

    Liberals are evil, soulless, inhuman monsters. There is no other way to explain what those animals do.

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