Do the white kids feel “safe and affirmed in who they are” when the next line talks about dismantling whiteness?

Do these people honestly believe society will be better off alienating white kids?

All I see down this path is Balkanization

If you haven’t studied the history of the Balkan Wars, the death toll was in the hundreds of thousands.

Ethno-conflicts are long and bloody.

I can’t imagine that’s what these people want but it sure is what they are going to get.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “I have a question for this school board”
  1. I’d pay good money to get a chance to ask the school board to provide an empirical, objective, and falsifiable definition of “whiteness.”

    1. Ish, for them to do that would require functioning brains, and having those is a disqualifying condition for any education bureaucrat.

  2. I wonder. When the genocide against whites people begins do they really see them selves exempt?

    Because that is want they want: the global genocide of every white person on the planet. And given how these people think an act I don’t think that sounds crazy

    1. Most of the leaders of this crap are openly racist against non-whites. My guess is they are hoping to start a race war that will pull everyone in. In the US Whites are the majority, if you add in that many of these same sickos consider hispanics white and are pushing the same narrative it would make whites in the USA a super majority, the super majority would win the war leaving the victors to talk about the purity of everyone remaining afterword. Its like someone took Charles Manson’s ideas and applied them to social media.

      1. Hispanics were considered “white” by most people in the U.S. up until the Seventies…

        …and if you ask most people in Latin America, South America, the Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands, or anyone living in Spain and Portugal (you know, the people living in the land the Roman’s named HISPANIA) they will also tell you that most of them are “white.”

        Because “white,” like “black,” “brown,” “yellow,” and ever other attempt to divide all of H. sapiens into collective subdivisions is absolute make-believe bullshit.

  3. Richfield is a first ring suburb (meaning right next to) of Minneapolis MN.

    It really doesn’t matter, too many Minnesotans are highly credentialed idiots, and they will be the first ones to tell you how much better they are.

  4. I agree with J.kB. my opinion: If a civil war starts, either it ends at less than 10,000; or it goes to 30-50 Million dead, and possibly 150 Million if someone decides to go nuclear.

    While we are fighting amongst ourselves, and the victor is rebuilding our country, every other nation will decide now is the times to settle scores and/or accomplish their dreams and destinies.

    Does China go for Taiwan? Maybe Japan and the Phillipines too? Does Iran decide that KSA is ripe for revolution from the Saudi 1/3 that are Shia? Pakistan and India? Whatever happens in Africa will be tribal, bloody, and leave everyone involved much worse off.

  5. The point I would gleefully point out is they themselves are WHITE. Do they think they are exempt?? Obviously they dont know history. More and more people are seeing thru this diversity bullshiite. My question is- when is the 74% going to start ignoring the 26% that think they are the majority?? The party of “inclusive and diversity “ is only interested in dividing everyone. This is gonna be fun..

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