I’d go to the Met Gala.

The theme of my costume would be Guy Montag.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “I have my costume already planned out”
  1. I would not bother going to the Met Gala. Frankly, I do not care who is there. I cannot be bothered to gawk at celebrities. None of them will become my friend, if they even bother to acknowledge me at all.

    Seriously, Isaac Saul is just envious, and probably thinks all of his friends would be impressed if he told them about the celebrities he met at some event. Like the celebrities attending the Met Gala are going to go home and tell their families they met Isaac Saul?

    1. Further to that, I certainly would not cut off a finger, or even pay to get in. If invited at no cost, I would probably go for the free meal and a couple of drinks.

  2. I wouldn’t cut off one of my own fingers to go. I wouldn’t even cut off one of Isaac Saul’s.

    But then, while I generally like art galleries, I don’t like crowds. I especially don’t like smugholes. So. If I had to go and cutting off a finger would get me out of it..? That’s a harder decision.

    1. @ it’s Just Boris: Pretty much my first thought.

      OTOH, if I could meet Scarlett Johannsen with my preferred shade of red hair while she was in her Black Widow costume…….

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