Isn’t that theft? Customer already paid for the goods. The driver, although miffed, has no right to retain items that do not belong to her and was contracted to deliver.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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6 thoughts on “I have seen this a couple of times.”
  1. I’d say it is. A potentially easy solution is to just stop using delivery services. (I know, for some people it’s a necessity. But for most of us it’s convenience, albeit maybe extremely convenient vs taking the time to go get.)

    1. Speaking of seeing things…
      I just noticed my default icon looks kinda like a bolt face.
      How did I not see this before now?

  2. Sounds like the customers do this for kicks. There’s at least one other video on there of them pulling the same stunt.
    That said, yeah, it’s their stuff. I’m sure there’s some sort of feedback for the service that the drivers can report them. Drop it off and refuse any other deliveries to that address.

  3. this is what happens when people listen to media fueled frenzy…. it used to be waiters and waitresses worked for tips. then “tip jars” started to appear in places that didn’t require tips. then media and liberals started the whine about how “unfair” working for tips was and minimum wage went stupid. FOOD delivery drivers were included in waitstaff and it was normal to tip them. media frenzy made people resent tipping… our Country is in trouble..

  4. I’d say it’s theft.
    And yea, I get that these delivery drivers get shafted on their per-drop-off rates (especially given the cost of fuel) and rely on tips to keep going, but that doesn’t change that keeping goods they didn’t pay for — and whatever they did receive for taking the delivery — is theft.
    The delivery services have reviews on the front-end so customers can rate their delivery drivers, but I’d be shocked if there’s not a similar system on the back-end so drivers can rate their customers. (Kind of like eBay: both the buyers and sellers rate each other.) If there’s not, there should be.
    And there absolutely should be a mechanism to report customers who are rude or abusive and warn other drivers of their bad behavior.
    The flip-side of all that is, the drivers need to do their part, too. If the delivery is late, arrives spoiled or damaged, etc., or the driver is rude or abusive, the customer should absolutely be able to tip zero. It’s a service industry, just like wait-staff at a restaurant or hotel. Good, prompt service earns good tips; bad, slow, or rude service doesn’t; and “mandatory tips” are universally hated because, 1. it makes everything cost more, and 2. it removes that reward and appreciation system for good employees.
    I’m not normally one to advocate for enforcing minimum wages beyond making sure people aren’t essentially working for free (wages minus expenses equals zero or less), but I will say that that would probably prevent and preempt a lot of these types of videos.

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