What the fuck business is he trying to create?

What value add skills does he have?

And who the fuck pays this douche for his insights?

Remember that his pillow company folded before it ever made a single pillow for sale.

These are the sort of intellectual gems he comes up with:

Ah yes, the good ol “the American government will just drop nukes on American cities” argument against the Second Amendment.

The sort of argument stoned philosophy majors come up with thinking they are being witty when they actually know nothing.


In fact, it’s not.

I don’t know about Massachusetts, but I have purchased guns, gotten a CCW, and started an LLC in Alabama.  None of them were particularly difficult.   The LLC and CCW both took a trip to a government building, an hour of my time, and less than $100.

So again, I will ask, who is paying this Harvard student so much in fees that he needs an LLC with lawyers and accountants, and what are they paying him for?




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By J. Kb

24 thoughts on “I have some questions about this thread…”
  1. I have come to the conclusion the reason why the anti-gun left uses the nuke argument is partially because they want to do it. That the far left and Democrats literally right now view the deployment of thr nuclear arsenal on the United States population to kill all gun owners as an acceptable course of action to take. And to them it needs to happen. They only care about ending gun ownership and they do not care what portion of the population they have to kill to reach that goal. Because to them they feel that all who oppose them are unworthy of life. Meaning that if you nuke gun owners and the population at large is against it then that population at large is against the government and is pro-gun meaning they also should be killed. I mean the instant you do that you have turned pretty much 100% of the population of the United States turn against you as well as pretty much the entire world. By the Democrats and left only care about the opinions of the Democrats and the left. And they are a hive mind meaning that they cannot have differing opinions or question the agenda. It stems from the far left liberal ideology that human life has literally absolutely no intrinsic value at all and the only value human life has is as an extrinsic value in terms of providing and supporting the state or the far left and Democrat ideologies. Meaning that all human life in United States if not the world but it does not support or further their goals literally has no value and is a draw on resources and society. The only exception being if you are a far left liberal activist or black. however if you are black and oppose the far left you are actually far worse than everyone else. This logic is insane but one has to understand Democrats and liberals don’t have logic. They are quite literally incapable of shame or suffering from cognitive dissonance. One has to understand that also Democrats and the far left only really want one thing when it comes to everyone not them: the literal complete and total extermination of all human life in the United States that opposes or resistance in any way shape or form up to and including the literal extermination of all human life in the United States. Meaning to the far left Democrats if you do not support the deployment of the full nuclear arsenal to exterminate every gun owner then you are part of the problem and also need to be killed. So to them the only people in the United States that should be allowed to live are those that fully support the deployment of a nuclear arsenal to kill the entire population of the United States that owns gun along with the entire population of United States that’s against it. And that includes the killing of every single Democrat party member that is against it. Of course that’s a pretty short list. And don’t expect the military to do anything about it. 100% of all current military leader ship at the top in the United States also desire nothing less than a complete and total ban of all private gun ownership and the extermination of every single gun owner in the United States. The vast majority of rank-and-file do not but that’s changing and going to change very soon. And pretty much most soldiers would go along with it because they wanna keep their pension.

  2. “I don’t know about Massachusetts,…”

    Not so easy in MA with may-issue LTCs, 2 contradictory “approved gun” lists, a gun registry, no private person to person transfers (unless each party has the appropriate LTC and you register the transfer), and where ammo components are controlled like ammo.

    Is the Hogg-ster even a MA resident? Tough to get a non-resident LTC and firearms are generally prohibited on college campuses.

    I’m not supposed “to be a dick” so can I say that Hogg is a schlong? 8>)

    1. In Texas, take a CCW class(4 hours or so, $25 to whatever you’re willing to pay), send the class certificate in with the government graft fee, get your CCW permit in the mail. Easy peasy.

      1. @EN2 SS: I _would_ be jealous…if I still lived in MA. Permit-less carry in NH, though. (I did get one. Hard to go wrong for $10.)

      2. It sure is long past due for TX to go Constitutional Carry. NH is a good model: no permits, no fees — except that you can, if you want, get a CCW card for reciprocality purposes, for a few bucks good for 5 years. (If you do: no fingerprints, no training mandates, just fill out a 1 page form and wait up to 10 days for the town to confirm you’re not a bad guy.)

  3. Whiny little goit, isn’t he? My wife has an Oregon LLC and Oregon CFL, the LLC required a lawyer, several hundred dollars and about a week.The CFL was $50 and and 15 minutes at the Sheriff, after the 2 hour class.

    Best guess is that he is a “consultant” and the LLC is just a pipeline for bribes for either Camera Hogg or his political master.

  4. Just checked Legal Zoom. A LLC is $79. Granted, that does not include State filing fees, etc… but they will do (or assist you in doing) the legwork.
    Perhaps the hoggster has never seen ads for Legal Zoom? One would figure a Harvard student would be aware of the numerous on-line legal sites that will do much of the work for you.

  5. You can form a Florida LLC in about 15 minutes by going to SunBiz.org. I own several of them.

    Also, it is impossible to target a Minuteman missile within CONUS. It is hardwired into the guidance.

    1. Heh. I’m a bad shot, but my CEP is still less than a MM-III.
      Not that I’d expect Hogg to know what that means either.

  6. An AR is no match for a minuteman?? Meaning the missle, (see above post), or the original minutemen( who own all the ARs) what an F’in idiot..

  7. Anybody but me get Hawg’s “concern” about a weaponized IRS?

    Mebbe one part of the answer, is smaller goobermint, starting with the IRS.

    Something like”how much did you make last year? Subtract $20,000. Send us 15% of that latter figure. Thank you. Talk to next year. Have a nice year”

  8. No match for a minuteman? Missile? Nope, but when the button pusher knows him, his family, his dog are dead when the missile launches,,,,oh well.

  9. This is another skinny jean euro whorshipping cock gooblin colored hair soy stain……
    I’m gettin quite sick of seeing and hearing about OR at all.
    That is all I know on this day, as Fact.

    You see, I know as fact, I would make a terrible leader.
    But one hell of a brutal dictator.

  10. CT is as difficult as completing a form and paying a fee to the state. Exactly how difficult it is to become a contractor as well…

  11. Setting up an LLC across several states in such a manner that you are not personally liable for any risks incurred by your epic mismanagement, especially when it’s obvious you’re going to be mismanaging in such an epic fashion, is more expensive and complicated than just a normal LLC.

    I think he’s setting up means to be enriched while not doing anything his company states it’s going to do. That’s got more layers than just establishing a normal LLC.

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