I have to ask this again

#TreasonSummit is trending on Twitter.

Tweet after Tweet is about how Trump is a traitor who sold out the US.

This one I think is the worst.

Russia has a GDP of 1.28 Trillion Dollars and 144 Million people.  The 2017 per-capita GDP of Russia is about $10,000.

Ours is 18.57 Trillion, so we have 14.5 times the GDP of Russia.  Our per-capita GDP is $59,500.

So to give you an idea of just how much more substantial we are than Russia, the State of New York out produces all of Russia by almost $300 Billion.

Russia has hit a low for births that is so bad the Russian government is going to pay $8.6 Billion to get Russian couples to bang.

Russia is No. 5 in the world for highest suicide rate.

Russia has a terrible drug problem, with young people shooting up a drug called Krokodil.  It is there version of meth, made from OTC codeine pain medication and gasoline, it literally dissolves people’s arms off (do not do a Google image search for this if you want to keep your lunch down).

Russia is falling apart.  Russia once produced Nobel Prize winning physicists and chemists.  Now it’s been reduced to cooking meth’s more dangerous cousin as the population declines into nothingness.

How in the fuck am I supposed to believe that country has taken over the Presidency and America is doomed to be subservient to Russia?

Someone show me one iota of evidence that America has been reduced in any way to boost up Russia.



7 Replies to “I have to ask this again”

  1. The media had their pre-conceived narrative and they executed their marching orders.

    The ACTUAL THING HE SAID was that the FBI couldn’t prove Russia hacked the DNC servers, Hillary’s servers, or the Congressional servers because ALL THOSE SERVERS MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED.

    He was calling out Mueller, Comey, and the rest of the FBI for being either incompetent or corrupt.

    The CNN chyron today was “Trump sides with Russia over US Intelligence Services.”

    Well, of fucking course he did. Have you seen how the US Intelligence Services have treated him?

  2. I’ve been enjoying the news a whole lot more since I started listening to Scott Adams’s podcast. He basically said the same thing.

  3. Let me see if I got this straight. The far left “democratic socialists” (i.e., communists) who run the Democrat party machine, are trying to tar the President with the “I run with the Commies” brush. Is that right? So, what are they complaining about?

    1. There was once a country where the socialist party accused the communist party of attempting to take over the government. They used this fear to seize power themselves, and give power to the leader of their party.

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