They had armor plates and ARs but couldn’t go into the classroom to stop the shooter.

Afterwards they cried and vomited.

This is supposed to make me feel sorry for them?

I hope each and every one of these officers has nightmares about what they saw every night for the rest of their miserable lives until they suck-start their service weapon.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “I hope these chicken-shits have nightmares about this forever”
  1. Remember the mid 70s case where 3 women sued DC police because they failed to protect the women and knocked on the door and drove thru the apartment parking lot? Judge said- no duty to protect individuals…. So popo are like weather men, they can lie, do a shiite job and still get paid..

  2. Since they shouldn’t be in law enforcement, in any capacity, anywhere, ever again in their lives, none of the Disgraced from Uvalde should have a service weapon. Otherwise, I can’t disagree with the sentiment.

  3. While I do agree with all the comments already posted, I have from the beginning, thought, ‘what was the directive given by superiors to the officers on site. Were they told to stand fast or stand down, to wait, to not engage’. If so, I am amazed not one fully protected and armed officer did not disregard orders and bring the fight to the killer. It could be that cowardness and corruption both had a lot to do with this tragedy.

    1. I agree. If the narrative is still true it took one brave border patrol agent to say wtf are we doing to run in.
      We’ve been told over and over I was just following orders isn’t acceptable.
      I want to know what those orders were that were just being followed.
      Everything I remember from the beginning too was the uvalde chief doing everything in his power to get someone else to take over and be responsible.

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