“The reason that we did not intervene goes back to what we talked about last month with House Bill 2928 and the restrictions placed on us in a crowd control environment,” KOIN reports that Portland Police Lt. Jake Jensen said in a neighborhood meeting Thursday.

The legislation in question is House Bill 2928, which prohibits the use of things like pepper spray and rubber bullets for crowd control. However there is an exception – when the circumstances constitute a riot and if the officer using the chemical incapacitant reasonably believes its use is necessary to stop and prevent more destructive behavior.

Cops can’t use less lethal for crowd control, violence escalates.

They did half a million dollars in damage in one night.

I hope this happens every night for weeks and months on end until there is nothing left.


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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “I hope this happens every night”
  1. White supremacists egged on by Trump obviously.

    Response should be to defund and fire any unvaxxed police.

    1. Poorly, for me. All the butter on the popcorn I’m eating watching this is going to give me heart disease.

  2. I guarantee, every one of those 100 knows the threshold for declaring a riot and they’re destroying, looting, and burning as much as they can without crossing that line.

    Just like San Francisco and their $949.99 limit for “acceptable” shoplifting.

    The police won’t be able to do anything because the legislature and governor — in their infinite wisdom — gave the “protesters” a shiny new loophole, big enough to drive a burning dumpster through.

  3. I, for one, fully support every single member of the Portland Police Bureau deciding to take a “FIDO” approach to any and all rioting that takes place in the Pearl District, Downtown, Nob Hill, Goose Hollow, and Ladd’s Addition neighborhoods. Those are the enclaves of the well-heeled and well-educated Limousine Liberals, Prius Progressives, and Saab Socialists that run this town.

    Just, please, stop burning up shit in North Portland, Alameda, and King. Smashing up black-owned business in black neighborhoods to support black lives is just… dumb.

    Go find Jo-Anne Hardesty’s house.

    1. Ish: OF Course, it’s dumb! Indeed, it transcends merely “dumb”.

      Who else other than our own left would straight facedly argue that anglos burning (etcetera) black businesses (who cares who owns ’em: there were parts of Detroit, where I lived in the 70 s and 80 s, where the nearest supermarket was miles away. With crappy bus service. This, something like 10-20 years after the ’67 riots.), and argue that such shenanigans were/are a *good* thing?

      Why do you suppose the snob class does not have to face this monster that they have created/nourished/unleashed?

      1. Ish, “dumb” is to be expected given that “BLM” protesters are mostly white limo liberals and their braindead unemployable teenage offspring.

  4. Ish, what do you think Lake Street in Minneapolis was?

    It was Black, Hispanic, Hmong, African, White, and every other business owner imaginable. Now it is mostly burnt out empty storefronts. The too freaking few National Guard called up Wednesday Thursday and Friday of George Floyd week were deployed around City Hall, County Government, and the State Capitol. Priorities don’t you know.

    In two weeks we will know if the fools de-establish the Minneapolis Police Department.
    I don’t care. I am far enough away, I will not even smell the smoke next time either.

  5. They keep hitting the same target(s)

    They aren’t busting ya.
    They aren’t chasing ya.
    They arent Investigatin ya.
    They arent hunting ya.
    Hell, there NOT even fightin back.

    And ya still ain’t taken,held or built shit.
    You wrecked some stuff.
    Killed some defenseless innocents not fightin back.

    AND…Your Biggy, The one that Defines Them.
    VANDALISM…The 21st Century Revolution. evidently.

    Oh boy howdy, I’ma fraid.

    Comrads, Marx, Che, Mao and The Pot….would Not be impressed.

    Anyone can piss on a Dead Cape Buff.
    Or pickup a dead Brownie.
    But when either are alive.
    VERY Few…gots what it takes.

    Your “movement” is Really Lame in Reality.

    Hell..at least in “The Day”… they had the “Protection Racket”

    …..Ya’ll got….
    “We make trash piles”
    So’s my fuckin dog Pretenders. So’s my dog.

    For some odd reason…
    The City Politicians and LE. Yup I said it. LE.

    Do Not Want To.

  6. The sad result is that those in power will be protected in their special neighborhoods. Those who can leave, will, and will take their Leftist voting habits to whatever Red area they move to, like some kind of a virus.
    Those who can’t leave will get pulled into crime & addiction, and will keep on voting for those who keep them poor.

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