So the plan is to manipulate the entire system to get the outcome they want which is essentially elimating the Second and Fourth Amendments.

That’s a lot of totalitarian in one clip.

Next we see Eric “Honeypot” Swalwell going on a batshit rant:


Fuck you dude!

This is the zenith of unhinged emotional manipulation.

“If you don’t support our gun confiscation you support the killer.”

Fuck you, twice!

There is no reasonability here.

They are actively maligning us as supported of mass shootings while telling us they will destroy our checks and balances to get what they want.

This is absolutely the end of civil society.

We are done.  There is no coming back from this.

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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “I hope this is just bluster – Update: they are unhinged”
  1. This is all blustering… sandy hook, parkland, all of them, democrats scream and yell about taking guns away from citizens…….We the People remind them that they are not rulers and it dies down. Good luck. Notice democrats NEVER want to do the obvious- get rid of “gun free zones”

    1. They were quite successful post Sandyhook in CT, NY, and I’m sure other places I can’t think of off the top of my head.

  2. I was telling my wife that I’m most angry about them stealing my ability to grieve for these children.

    The bodies were still warm when Chris Murphy started blaming and attacking me in a speech on the Senate Floor.

    1. Same here. Happens every time.

      I get the Democrats’ desire to “strike while the iron is hot” (or by their actions, “dance while the blood is warm”); they’re more likely to succeed if they push a bill nobody will read because emotions are high. “Never let a crisis go to waste” (Rahm Emmanuel), and all that.

      But it is straight-up ghoulish behavior.

      The Halls of Congress are supposed to be a place of reasoned debate and logic, not screeching emotional hysteria and cliquish partisanship worthy of a made-for-TV teen drama.

      And as Tam said several years ago (paraphrasing): I don’t care if every other gun owner went out and murdered someone last night. I didn’t. So piss off.

      One guy committed an atrocity and was killed in the act. Justice served.

      So why are all the rest of us — who did not harm anyone and were not involved — still on the hook for it?

      1. Gun control is equivalent to castrating every male in a square block because a rapist lives there..

  3. As long as Manchin keeps to what he’s said before, and Sinema too, all they’re doing is caterwauling.
    They’re ‘back bench’ Representees that have not one thing to do with the business of the Senate, and they know it.

    They’ve discovered that The Squad’s spouting over the top, loudmouth bullshit gained them free attention, so they’re mimicking them to do the same for their status.

  4. The reason they’re so vehement is they know they’ll do nothing, and want to use the speeches for ads to dry to keep their core interested.

    They’ll do nothing because it would generate an even bigger wave against them, and they need to energize their core just to protect their phoney-baloney jobs.

  5. I wish all the Pollyanna posters were correct, but as the old saying goes, “wish in one hand and shit in the other, tell me which fills up first”. As one article stated, demon crats want us dead and if they have to murder all the children first, oh well. Everyone better be ready, because the shit trajectory is definitely intersecting the fan. Soon.

  6. “If you don’t support our gun confiscation you support the killer.”

    Which it’s a really funny stance to take, considering that the racist killer’s manifesto clearly outlined that one of his goals was to drive momentum toward confiscation.

  7. Remember, we (gun rights advocates) are accused of “not coming to the table” and “not having a conversation” about guns and gun control.
    Not sure where any gun loving politician ever threatened to kill the filibuster and pack the SCOTUS to push a permissive gun law. Can anyone help me out on this?

  8. Unfortunately if roe is overturned, regardless of your position on abortion, I think it will unstopper a whole shitstorm of no precedent being safe. Once the court shifts, the dems will say well if the repubs can find it in the constitution to kick abortion to state regulation and allow it to effectively be banned, I think we can do the same with guns or insert X.

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